Dancing with a Star

Lakota, Paris and Tabby are really good dancers. They are also on dancing with a star. But then each of them get matched with three famous people. There names are Luke Hemmings, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. But twice.....TWICE they have to switch partners. Who will it be? How will they get along? Read to see how well they can go and do in this competition.


1. Partners and Boyfriends

*Lakota's POV*

"Okay, so today is the day we will be telling you who your partners are. Now everyone go to your room and we will send in your partners. You will have 5 weeks to learn the dance for the first show. So good luck to all of you." the director said. 

We all walked away and went into our rooms. The room next to us was my all time best friend Tabby Larson. Then in front of her is my other best friend Paris. I love those girls to death. 

I played the music over and over again and did the dance a few times. This week me and my partner are going to be doing the Jive and the song is called: Shake it off by Taylor Swift.

I was in the middle of dancing when someone knocked at the door. I ran and shut my music off and yelled 'come in'. The person came in and I looked at them. It was a guy. He had brown hair and Blueish Greenish eyes. He was actually pretty cute.

"Hello, Im Lakota and you are?" I say walking over to him with my hand out.

"Louis Tomlinson." He said shaking my hand.

"Nice to met you."

"You too."

I smiled and walked back over to my music.

"So what will we be doing today?" Louis asked me.

"Stretching and a little bit of the dance. But I mainly want to stretch so your body can be flexible and all that."

"Oh okay. Sounds good."

I put on the song Material Girl by Madonna.

"Okay lets start stretching." I say.

Louis puts his bag down, takes his shoes off and walks over and in front of me.

"Okay now arms out." I say and he follows my lead in the stretching.

*After Stretching*

Once we were done stretching I showed him the dance and what to expect. I taught him a bit of the beginning and then we stopped. 

"Ill be right back." I said to Louis.

"Okay sounds good."

I walked out of the room and over to the room next door to us which was Tabby's room. I walked into the room and saw her and her partner dancing together. Once they were done dancing I clapped and gave tabby a hug. 

"I love the dance."

"Well thank you and why were you watching?"

"Cause I came in here to get two water bottles from the fridge."

"Oh okay."

"Yeah. So what kind of dance are you doing?"

"We are doing a jive to Bang-Bang."

"Oh my god. Really? I love that song. We are doing a jive too and it is to Shake it off."

"Lucky. I wish we could switch songs."

"Me too. Oh sorry. Im Lakota and you are?" I asked the man just standing there.

"Im Luke. Luke Hemmings."

"Well, its nice to met you Luke."

"You too Lakota."

"who is your partner Lakota?" Tabby asked.

"Oh Louis Tomlinson."

"Oh he is from One Direction isn't he?"

"I don't know."

"Yeah he is." Luke said.

"But I know I have seen you before." I said to Luke.

"What is your favorite band?" he asked.

"5 Seconds Of Summer."

"Yeah, Im in that band."



"I just started listening to them so I don't really know who is who yet and your guys names."

"Oh thats fine."

I gave him a smile and then realize that I have to get back to Louis. I said goodbye to them and started to go back to the room.

But I went over to Paris's room for a quick visit.

"PARIS!!!" I said and ran to her.

"Well, hello." She said hugging me back.

"Hows the dancing going?"

"Good. We actually get along. Which makes me really happy."

"Thats good. The last time we did this you and your partner hated each other."

"Yeah I know right. I was so glad when he left."

"Okay now Im kinda scared to have you as my partner." The guy said.

"Oh don't worry Harry. I like you. The last partner I had was rude and I was surprised he made it till the 5th week."

"What happened?" The guy said.

"He thought he could do this own thing and he would not listen when it came to stunts so he was really bad and he ended up dropping me and I cracked my ankle."

"I'm sorry."

"Its fine. Im better now. I can trust you not to do what he did."

"I promise I will listen."

"Oh and by the way this is Lakota Peterson. Lakota this is Harry Styles."

"Nice to met you." I said shaking his hand.

"Well, I am going to go so you guys can get back to dancing. It was nice to met you Harry and see yeah later Paris." I said walking out of the door and back to my room.

When I got in there I saw Louis laying on the floor look up at the ceiling with his eyes closed. 

I quietly walked in and kneeled down next to him. My face was right above his face. 

"LOUIS!!!!!" I yelled.

*Louis's POV*

When Lakota left I played the music and practiced a bit more. Then her phone went off. I went over to her phone so I could listen to the music again and it read

To: Lakota

From: Tanner

'Hey Babe, Well since you are late getting here there will be consequence for being late. Why would you do that me? I thought you loved me you little slut. Well, I can't wait to see you again and if I find that one guy touching you in anyways I will chop his hands off. Love you bye.'

What kind of message is this? What does he mean?

I shook it off and practiced one more time. 

Once I was done I laid down on the ground waiting for Lakota to come back. I was thinking about what that one guy was talking about. Im actually kind of scared for her. Maybe when she gets back we can get to know each other. I must have been thinking really hard cause the next thing I know was someone yelled my name.

*Lakota's POV*

"LOUIS!!!!!" I yelled.

The next thing that happened was Louis jumped and his head hit the side of my face hard. I ended up dropping the water bottles on Louis's stomach and he groaned in pain and I fell back-wards.

"Oh my god are you okay?" someone said coming to my side which was Louis.

"Yeah, Ill be fine." I say rubbing the side of my face.

"I am so sorry." He said.

"No, I should say sorry. I just thought it would be funny but nope." I say smiling.

"Its okay." He said with a smile.

Louis helped me up and gave me a hug. Why does Louis have to be so nice. No one besides Tabby and Paris have been so nice to me. 

After the hug I went over to my phone and checked it. What am I late for? My boyfriend is probably just drunk..... Again! I hate when he does this. Oh well.

"Louis I have to go I am so sorry."

"Its fine."

"Can we met here tomorrow at 10?"

"Yeah Sure. That will work."

"Okay. Tomorrow I was thinking we could practice for about an hour 1/2 and then go get lunch together and get to know each other."

"That would be great."

"So Ill see you tomorrow."

"Yup. Bye Lakota."

"Bye Louis."

I say as he leaves the room. I grab my things and leave too.

I was about to walk out but decided to see if Tabby needed a ride home. Yup, we both use to live together. Actually all three of us lived together but Paris moved out with her boyfriend who just want to have sex with her and then he left her. So yeah, but now I moved out to live with my boyfriend but things changed a lot once we moved in together. Like for example: He became very clingy, He drinks a lot, isn't home much, and he is very rude. I know break-up with him but Ill end up going back to him and also I wont have anywhere to stay cause Tabby's family is stay with her. They live out of state and so they came to watch some the first week of the show. So they are staying with her right now. so I wont have anywhere to stay. I could but  I would have to sleep on the couch and also I want them to have some family time so yeah.

I walked to her room and they were just sitting there talking.

"Hey Lakota." Tabby said when I came in


"Whats up?"

"I was wondering if you needed a ride home?"

"Oh no. Luke is giving a ride home."

"Oh okay."

"Well, Ill text you later. Tanner is mad at me and I think he is drunk."

"Lakota, maybe you should sleepover tonight. I don't want anything bad happening to you."

"I'll be fine. Don't worry."

"Lakota if anything happens to you please call me."

"Okay I will. Thanks Tabby."

"Make sure you call." She says putting her hands on my shoulders.

I looked down knowing that I probably won't call her. It is nothing against her but I do not want her to worry or anything. I looked her in the eyes and then I saw Luke standing behind her. I grinned a tiny bit and then turned around and started walking away.

"Lakota." Tabby said.

"I'll call you later Tabby I promise."


I walked out of the room and out to my car. Somebody came over to me and pushed me up against the car very hard. I looked and saw Tanner.

"What the Hell Tanner. What the Hell was that for." I yell at him.

"You were late."

"What was I late for?"

"You said you would met me for lunch. I sat there all alone and embarrassed." 

"Tanner first off I said I cant cause I have to practice and so do you and also thats your fault not mine. I was busy trying to help my partner win this show CAUSE I KNOW THAT HE WILL WIN AND YOUR PARTNER WILL LOSE"

After I said that Tanner slapped me. I looked at him angry.

"You are such a Bitch." He said before punching me in the stomach and beating me up.

Once he was done hurting/punishing me for 'being late' and also me yelling at him I tried to stand up but I feel back down.

"Slut." He said and walked about.

Once I saw him walking away and I flipped him off. 

I tried to stand up again but gave up. I sat on the ground but then I heard someone running. They came down in front of me and I put my arms up for protection. 

"Lakota its me."

I looked and I saw that is was just Louis. I lunged forwards to him and started to hug him. I cried into his shoulder. 

"Shhh, Shhh, Shhh. Its okay Lakota." Louis said.

*Louis's POV*

After Practice was over my best friend Harry came out from a room close by.

"Hey, I didn't know we were so close to each other." I said.

"Yeah, I know right. Who is your partner?"

"Oh her name is Lakota Peterson."


"Yeah. Why?"

"Cause she came into my room today just for a little bit today."

"Oh really? Thats cool. Who's your partner?"

"Paris Nicole. Her and Lakota are friends."

"Oh okay. Come on lets go get something to eat."


Harry and I were walking out to the car and passed by other people who were still practicing.

"Hey Harry what dance are you guys doing?"

"We are doing a Cha-Cha to Birthday by Katy Perry. How about you?"

"Nice we are doing a Jive to Shake it off by Taylor Swift."

"Oh have fun."

"Yeah I know right." I said with a funny face.

Once Harry and I got outside I hear screaming and I saw a guy but I could not see what he was doing exactly.

"Harry!" I said pointing over at the man.

The man walked away and started to call someone.

'Its done.' He said and went inside.

I walked over to the side of the car and saw a girl on the ground hurt. Harry looked at me and then I looked closely and saw it was Lakota. I ran to her side and she was scared. She was probably thinking it was that man.

"Lakota it's me." I said worried.

After I said that she lunged to me and hugged me. I hugged her back and she cried. She cried for a very long time while I rubbed her back. I ended up sitting down and pulling her into my lap. Harry sat down next to me. He looked worried too.

"Lakota? What happened?"

"I'm moving out. I don't care anymore. I am moving out." she said and got up. She got into her car and started it. Harry and I moved out of the way. I ran and knocked onto her window. She looked at me and shook her head 'no'. Then she just drove away and that was the last I saw of her until tomorrow.

*Lakota's POV*

Once I drove all the way home I started to pack all of my things. I had put my three suitcases in my car and went back inside. I grabbed my bag that had my name on it and grabbed some foods. I grabbed chips, bread, peanut butter, water bottles, pop, and some candy that we had. I put all that into a bag and went back to my car to put it away. I also grabbed my three pillows and warm blankets. I grabbed my phone, keys, my wallet, and all of Tanner's money that I found that he took from me or got from selling things. I know but he deserves it and left the house. I drove all the way to the beach. It was my favorite place ever and the place where I go when my boyfriend and I were fighting. I walked out of my car and walked near the water. 

I let the coldish water hit my feet. I smiled and kept on walking. I heard a car pull up and when I looked up I saw Louis and Harry walking to the house that was in front of me. Louis looked sad and I felt so bad for what I did but I needed to get home and pack before Tanner came home cause if he did he would come and beat me and force me to stay. Louis and Harry were still talking and walking to their house when I saw somebody else pull up, it was Tanner. He started to run down the beach to me cause I have tried to run away before but I told nobody. 

He started to run after me and I ran all the way to Louis and Harry. Louis started to go into the house and I grabbed him and hung onto him as tight as I can and kept saying 'help me, help me.' 

Louis was startled at first but then looked up and saw Tanner coming to them. He put me inside and Harry and him stayed outside.

"Give me her back now!" Tanner growled.

"Why? What has she done that has caused you to be so mad at her?" Harry asked.

"She ran away again and she knows better then to run away from me!" He started to yell at them.

"Calm down dude." Louis said.

"No, I will not calm down until she comes home with me."

"Please leave before I call the cops."Louis said.

"Whatever. But watch her come back to me cause she will have no where to go to."

With that Tanner left. I was so happy they got rid of him. I am so surprised it was not much worse. Harry and Louis came in.

"Are you okay?" Louis said pulling me into a hug.

"Im fine now. Thank you so much guys. I am going to go." I say walking to the door.

"Wait what?" Harry said.

"Where are you going to stay?" Louis asked.

"Um..... At my friends house."

"Okay. Well, if you ever need a place to stay you can always stay here."

"Thanks Louis."

"Here." He said handing me a piece of paper.

I looked at it and it was his phone number.

"Call me if you need anything. I don't care what time it is. If it means 2:30 in the morning just call me I will always answer okay?"

"Okay, Thanks you Louis. Im going to go. See yeah tomorrow."

"Bye Lakota." Both of them said.

I walked out to my car and sat in there knowing that I just lied to them about where I was staying cause I was really going to just sleep in my car. First cause I can't go to Tabby's cause of her family and second I can't go to Paris's house cause she told me to not get back with Tanner but I did and she said if he hurts you or anything don't come crying at my doorstep so I have no where to really go. I got into the back seat of my car and put two suitcases on the floor so it was kind of like a bed. I put two blankets down so it was kinda soft and comfy. I grabbed my pillows and put them on the other side of the doors, grabbed my other blanket, locked my car and laid down. I slowly started to drift off. Today was a horrible day. I'm going to have bruise marks on me tomorrow and I don't want Louis to worry about me and I really don't want to see Tanner also cause he will know that I will be at the studio tomorrow so that is why we are practicing early. Cause he comes at noon and we are practicing at 10 so it will be about an hour and a 1/2 and then we will go out to lunch so just enough time before Tanner comes. I hope I don't see him tomorrow and also I hope that Louis won't question me about him. 

Then I fell asleep.

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