First Day (Calum Hood)

First day of high school.
New School.
New Town.
New Boy.


5. Chapter 5


As I looked at all the freshman entering my class, one caught my eye..and damn, she was easy to look at.

I graduated early and I'm 22, so I will admit, I do find my students attractive. Not like I would ever do anything to them..I just find one pretty and such.

I started to go through attendance and soon enough called a beautiful name,

"Y/N Y/L/N?" I said.

"Here." said a voice, it was her. She was gorgeous. She was american. What a beautiful accent she had, I loved it. I could feel a smirk come across my face as blushed.

"Nice accent love, what part of America are you from?" I stammered- DID I JUST CALL A STUDENT LOVE???

She blushed, "I'm from Los Angeles... I moved this summer."

I nodded. I could a feel a blush creep on my cheeks, but I just smiled. I started to play with my lip ring but stopped myself- nervous habit. All of my students find it strange I have a lip ring, but what can I say? Teachers are punk rock too.

"Hello class, Welcome to honors english. I'm your teacher, Mr. Hemmings."

Y/N smiled. God that beautiful smile, those gorgeous eyes, that cute little nose. Wait- am I falling for a student?

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