First Day (Calum Hood)

First day of high school.
New School.
New Town.
New Boy.


4. Chapter 4

We walked in to our first hour- English.

I picked a seat and of course Calum sat next to me. Then the teacher walked in. He was fairly attractive for a teacher. He had baby blue eyes, blonde hair, and..a lip ring? He looked pretty young. I turned to Calum and Calum smiled. I guess he was considered that one hot teacher.

The teacher took attendance and soon called Calum's name then mine.

"Y/N Y/L/N?" He said.

"Here." I said raising my hand. The teacher smirked.

"Nice accent love, what part of America are you from?" He asked.

"I'm from Los Angeles.. I moved this summer." I explained. He nodded and smiled.

"Okay Class. Welcome to honors English. I'm your teacher, Mr. Hemmings."

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