First Day (Calum Hood)

First day of high school.
New School.
New Town.
New Boy.


3. Chapter 3

The bus pulled up at our high school. I think Calum saw that I was nervous.

"Hey it's ok, I'm right here and I'll sit next to you."

"Thanks Calum." I said and smiled.

We walked in to school and a girl immediately glared at me. Then she saw Calum and smirked. She started to walkover to us. The hallways practically parted for her, so I could tell she was popular.

"Heyy Calum." She squeaked, here voice was annoying.

"Hi Olivia." Calum sighed, he rolled his eyes. Olivia was wearing super short shorts with a tank top that was cut super low..not getting a good impression from her.

"Why are you with...that?" Olivia sneered. I felt my face burn.

"Her name is Y/N. And she just moved from America. I'm with her because she's nicer, prettier, and a whole lot less rude than you." Calum smirked. I blushed..did he really just say that?

"Whatever. I know you love me WAY more than you love that little american." Olivia said, flipping her long blonde hair in my face.

"I DONT THINK SO" Calum yelled after her. He sighed, "Sorry y/n..shes a jerk."

"It's ok. I'm used to it..but we should probably get to our class." I said. He nodded, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards my first hour.

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