Band Tees ~ 5 Seconds of Summer

One boy with too many soccer trophies, one boy with too much hair dye, one boy with too many drum sticks, one boy with too much ego, and one girl with too many band tees.


12. XII

With both Michael and Calum, it was hard for me to get a word in to the conversation, let alone a full sentence.

Both of them were talking about the rugby game last night (whether it was rugby league or rugby union, I had no idea) whilst playing Fifa on the Xbox. With the volume of the game turned up high and the two boys' voices getting louder and louder to be heard, it took everything I had not to pull out the consoles plug. However, when they had finished the mtach I did turn off the TV, despite Calum and Michael's synchronised cries.

"I'm sorry but as much fun as it is for you two to play video games, I'm not having any fun. So I propose that we go out and do something we can all do."

:Like what?" Michael asked, eyebrows raised.

"I dunno. I got a coupon in the mail for go-karting so if you want, we could do that."

At the mention of go-karts both boys seemed to faint with excitement.

"Yes! Let's go go-karting! Oh my god, I'm going to thrash your sorry little asses."


At the go-karting centre, we were told to put on overalls and hair nets. I didn't particularly want to wear the hair net, but if I wanted to go-kart, I had to. The three of us were the only ones there, so we could choose any cubicle we wanted to get change in. I pulled on the overalls, zipping it up and looking at myself in the mirror. I smiled at my reflection before deciding I could totally rock the racecar driver look. I pulled my hair into a low bun before emerging.

Calum was standing with his helmet in hand, looking bored but ready to go. Michael, however, was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey," I said.

Calum smiled when he saw me, then looked me up and down before whistling  softly.  "You look good." He stated simply.

"You don't look too bad yourself."

"Thanks, but I mean, like, you look really good. As in, I-can-barely-keep-my-hands-off-you good."

"Then why are you trying?" I asked.

Despite it being a really shitty attempt to be flirty, Calum responded appropriately and needed no more persuasion to cross the two metres between us and smash his lips onto mine. I had to admit, it was a little weird that Calum was using so much force, seeing as our previous kisses were slow and gentle. But I liked this change. Calum was in complete control of the speed at which our mouths moved against each others.

I pulled away for a breath with the intention of going straight back, but Michael, being as loud as ever, decided to announce his exit from his cubicle.

"The great Michael Clifford will now be entering your presence. Please bow down to him."

Calum and I separated in time for Michael to push open the door and step out.

"Let's go go-karting, bitches!" He shouted before waving his arms in excitement.

Before actually getting in the go-karts, we were told all the rules and regulations, safety requirements, and other stuff that was boring, but necessary. As soon as the guy let us go, Calum, Michael and I rushed towards them, hopping in and setting off as soon as the kart started.


After a solid hour of driving around the track, numerous doughnuts, and Calum crashing more than ten times, we were all exhausted. Michael wanted Nando's for food but seeing as Calum and I were broke from our earlier splurge on CD's, we settled on McDonald's.

I had ordered a classic cheeseburger (with no onions or pickles) whilst Calum and Michael had ordered Big Mac's.

It took all of my self control not to kiss Calum as he sat next to me, his hand resting on my upper thigh.

"Alright, what's going on between you two?" Michael stared at us accusingly.

"What?" Calum asked, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. I tensed in my seat, scared that Michael had noticed that Calum and I were together.

"There's something going on between you two and I'm not sure what it is. Calum is a touchy-feely guy but this is getting out of hand. You're literally always touching. So spill."

Michael rested his arms on the table, waiting.

Honestly, I was terried. As to why, I had no idea. Michael was my best friend (as well as Calum's) why couldn't I tell him that I liked Calum, he liked me, and there was something going on? Maybe it was because the 'thing' between Calum and I didn't actually have a name  (well, I'm sure it did, but Calum and I hadn't classified as to what it was). If I didn't know what it was, how could I tell Michael>

"Well, Sam and I... We both really like each other. We found at the party." Calum smiled at me when he said that (I could distinctly hear Michael mutter, "Gag,"). "And, well, we're not dating, like, boyfriend and girlfriend, but we're going on dates and kissing and stuff."

"And tou didn't tell me this because...?"

"To be honest," I said. "We weren't sure if what we had was real or if it was just a one-off thing. And if it did last, which it has so far, we weren't sure how you were going to react."

"How did you expect me to react? Get all pissed and never talk to you again? Demand that you stop hanging out with each other? I'm only annoyed 'cause you didn't tell me."

"Sorry, Michael." I dropped my head in shame.

"How long would you have kept this from me, anyway?"

 "Not long." I said but Michael looked at me in disbelief. "I'm not lying! We would have told you within a month."

"A month? That doesn't make it better, Sam."

"Well, we told you anyway. And we've had an amazing day so let's just stop talking about this and have some fun. Please?"

"Ugh, fine." Michael groaned.

"You guys ready for school? My mum says I have to try and get my grades up this term; I'm already failing music."

"Oh, don't even talk to me about grades. I'm already stressing bevause I'm faling chem and history."


Okay, I know it's been a long time since I updated but I felt really bad that I haven't updated in ages. I have actually written quite a bit but I'm hand writing it so it takes a while to transfer it over to my laptop. And then when I do, I don't have much time to do so because I've got my exams coming soon and I have to study for them.

But I really hope you liked this chapter, a friend helped me with the idea. I am on hiatus because I haven't written much but I just wanted to post this for you. So yay for updating!

Alright, that's it, bye, love you all! <3

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