Band Tees ~ 5 Seconds of Summer

One boy with too many soccer trophies, one boy with too much hair dye, one boy with too many drum sticks, one boy with too much ego, and one girl with too many band tees.


6. VI

"This is a library, miss."

I looked up to see who had interrupted my reading, and removed my earphones. It was the dreaded librarian, who hated anyone and everyone who made any kind of noise. You could barely breathe without her hearing it.

"I know. That's why I'm here," I held up the book I was reading (an entire book dedicated to rock music). "Libraries have books and I want to read."

"Yes, but this library does not tolerate loud music. I have had complaints about the volume of your music and I'm here to ask you to turn it down."

"The only other person is a year seven and he looks so petrified right now he wouldn't dare complain." I looked over at the weedy year seven boy who was sitting at the end of the row of tables and noted how he saw me looking and hurriedly ducked his head and made out that he was working. Yep, he was definitely petrified that a year eleven would beat him to a pulp.

"Your music is still too loud and I'd like you to turn it down." She was getting pissed now, her nostrils flaring.

"No one else is complaining. Just because you are doesn't mean it's that loud."

The look on her face was priceless. Her nostrils flared even more (which I thought wasn't possible) and she glared at me, a scowl on her face.

"Well, since you asked so politely," I joked as I turned down the volume of Green Day. I had earphones in anyway, it wasn't like it was that loud. Once she was satisfied with the volume (it was as low as it could go), she walked off back to her desk.

I looked at the year seven again and once he looked up at me, I circled my ear in a 'she's crazy' signal. The kid laughed but covered it up with a cough, not wanting to get in trouble.

I placed my earphones back in my ears, turned the volume back up again, and continued to read. However, I could feel the librarian's gaze on me so I ended up putting the book back on the shelves and leaving the library.

Once outside I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that the time was 8:30am.

"Shit!" I shouted as I realised I was late for homeroom, again. I had been late to nearly every homeroom because I was always caught up with listening to music or hanging out with Michael and Calum. Michael, apparently, was always late for homeroom and all the teachers knew that, so he could turn up at any time. Calum would always leave five minutes before the bell went so he could grab his books and I'd end up forgetting about school because Michael and I would always have intense debates about bands.

I jogged towards to homeroom and pushed open the door, slightly out of breath.

"Late again, Miss Jackson. How many times is that this term?" Mr. Johnston asked, disappointed.

"Not sure, sir." I puffed. "Too many to count."

"It's like you're trying to beat Michael." He laughed.

"Am I nearly there, sir?"

"Almost. I'd give you a detention but it's the last day of school and I'm not bothered. Sit down." He pointed to my seat at the back and I smiled. I had managed to get away with nearly every detention he threatened.

Homeroom finished quickly, as did most lessons. In fact, most teachers were throwing parties to celebrate the end of the term. Only two more terms left of year eleven, and then four terms of year twelve. I was so close to being finished. The most annoying lesson of the day was actually my favourite class: photography. Alex had decided to annoy me as much as possible.

"Alex, seriously, just fuck off. You're pissing me off."

Alex continued to poke my sides. "Come on, Sam, I'm just having fun."

"I'm feeling really attacked right now, and I'm not having fun at all."

"Then just tell me who you like!" He whined. He had been trying to find out who I liked for weeks, ever since I admitted that I liked someone.

"No! Because if I tell you then you'll tell him and if he finds out, I want to be the one to tell him."

"One, I won't tell him, and two, when are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know. I don't really want to tell him because he might not like me back."

"Oh, trust me, Sam, he'll like you. You are a brilliant person. You're pretty, you're funny, you have an amazing taste in music. And believe it or not, guys think girls are pretty hot when they wear band tees. And all you shirts are band tees, so you're pretty hot all the time."

"Aw, thanks Alex. But enough about me, why don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"Dunno, no girls are catching my attention. I mean, yeah, you're attractive, but I don't like you that way. I'm fine with just hooking up with girls at parties, no strings attached."

"Oh my god, you player!" I gasped. "How many girls have you hooked up with this term?"

"Um, not too many. Maybe five." He shrugged.

"Well, good on you. That's a lot less confusing than crushes. Now, smile." I lifted the camera up to my eye and took a photo of Alex, his tongue sticking out and his eyes crossed.

After taking a few more photos of us and the class, I took the SD card and plugged it into the computer at the back of the room. I opened Photoshop and began editing the photos. Most of them became as ridiculous as possible. The photo of Alex and I smiling became us on fire and burning the White House. The photo of our teacher became her as a dinosaur, destroying the school. The photo of a student walking past the class became them in a spaceship. There were many others and each left Alex and I in tears. We both considered it a productive lesson.

"Oh my god!" Alex suddenly shouted. "I just thought of the perfect way you should tell your crush that you like him! You're going to the party tonight, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah..."

"Awesome. So, what you should do is get a bit drunk so you lose your inhibitions and then take him outside and then tell him how you feel. And if he doesn't like you back you can totally claim to be plastered and say you're an emotional drunk. It's fool proof!" Alex then threw his hands up in the air and did a running lap around the classroom. Thankfully the teacher was lax as it was near the end of the day and didn't really care what we were doing.

"You know, Alex, that's an entirely plausible idea. You're actually smart!" I joked. That comment led him to poking my sides again as we messed around. I was definitely thankful when the bell went and I could escape Alex. But I was a little less thankful as it was now time to go home with Michael, get ready for the party, get picked up by Calum's mum and then get shit-faced and pour out my emotions to a guy.

Alright, so, it's nearly party time. And Sam has a crush! It might be pretty obvious who the crush is but I won't say anything. If you have any ideas, let me know. Anyway, let me know what you think about Band Tees so far. I love hearing from you guys. Love ya!

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