Band Tees ~ 5 Seconds of Summer

One boy with too many soccer trophies, one boy with too much hair dye, one boy with too many drum sticks, one boy with too much ego, and one girl with too many band tees.


9. IX

"Do you hear that?" Calum's voice pulled me out of the bliss I was feeling and I couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"Hear what?" I looked up from my hand drawing circles on his chest as he sat up.

After a few seconds he said, "That."

"Nope. Can't hear anything. Now lie back down." Calum obeyed and I began tracing my finger on his chest again.

Around five minutes later, Calum sat up again. "Are you sure you can't hear that?"

"All I can hear is the music, people talking, and the cars that pass by occasionally. Calum, there's nothing there. You're hearing things."

"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just, I swear I can hear sirens. But we're in a shady suburb, they probably hear sirens a lot."

"Exactly. Now, relax. Have fun, we're at a party."

"Well, not really. We're outside the party, by ourselves."

"Oh my god, just shut up." And to make sure Calum did just that, I placed my lips onto his. Our lips moulded together, and it most certainly shut up Calum.

But it was my turn to hear something. I pulled back and looked around, trying to find the source of my name being called out. "You hear that too, right?" I asked Calum and he nodded.

The person called out my name again, followed by Calum's, and I quickly recognised it.

"Michael! Down here!" I called out. I pushed myself to my feet, using Calum as a stabiliser. Now that I was standing, I could definitely feel the effects of the alcohol. I could feel myself slightly swaying and my vision was a little hazy. Calum, once he had stood up, put his arm around my waist to steady me, noticing my obvious rocking.

Michael's head appeared over the top of the hill, and Calum and I raised our and waved. Michael quickly went down the hill and ran into us, pushing Calum and I apart.

"Sorry guys, but we gotta go." Michael puffed. He then grabbed one of my hands, one of Calum's, and began to pull us along.

"What, why? What's going on?" I asked, tripping over my feet as we hurried into the trees that were at the back of the property.

"Police found out about the party, came to shut it down. We have to go because we've all had alcohol and we're underage and mine and Calum's mums would kill us if they found out."

When Michael finished explaining, Calum began hurrying even more, knowing that if he was caught he would be grounded until he turned twenty. Soon we had put plenty of distance between us and the party. Calum had called a friend who was going to allow us to stay at his place for the night, since there was no way Calum and Michael would be able to go home drunk. After walking for twenty minutes I had taken off my shoes and was slightly behind Michael and Calum. I was tired and I couldn't bear to walk much further; my feet were killing me.

"Come on, Sam, we're nearly there. Just a few more minutes. In fact," Calum looked up at the street sign that read 'Finley Avenue', "We're on his street." Calum then pulled ahead and kept twisting his head from side to side, looking for the right house.

Calum eventually stopped outside a house at the end of the street and pointed to it, saying, "This is it. Now before we go in, just be nice. He was the only person who's nearby and would let us stay. So, yeah, be nice."

Confused by Calum telling Michael and I to be nice, I pushed him towards the door, and knocked. It wasn't long before someone opened the door, and as soon as I saw who was behind it, I groaned. Of all people Calum had called, it had to be none other than Luke Hemmings.

Luke invited us inside, with a warning of, "My dad's are asleep, so be quiet."

Calum walked in first and Michael and I, after exchanging looks, traipsed after him.

The inside of the house was decorated with many family photos on the wall. The Hemmings' certainly looked like they were family-orientated. Luke led us to the lounge to meet his mum. She was sitting on the couch with a mug in her hand, watching the TV. She lifted her free hand and waved at us whilst smiling.

"Hi there. You must be Luke's friends." She smiled again and I refrained from pulling a face at the word 'friends'. I didn't consider Luke and I friends, even when I sat with him at the beginning of the year. "It's so good to meet you. I'm Liz. Did you have fun at the party?"

"Yeah, definitely. Loads of fun." Calum answered, being the ever-polite person he was.

"I can't believe that all three of your phones ran out of battery and that you can't get home, but I'm happy to let you stay here for the night. There's plenty of space at casa de Hemmings."

I was confused at first when she said that our phones had ran out of battery but I quickly put two and two together to realised that it was Luke's excuse for having us stay the night. Whilst it was stupid, I was thankful it had worked.

"So, what're your names? I know Calum, you've been over before but I don't know Plaid One and Plaid Two."

"I'm Sam, and that's Michael." I jabbed my thumb in Michael's direction.

"And you know Luke from school?"

"Yeah, we're good friends." Michael said and then put his arm around Luke's shoulders, his smile as fake as can be. However, Liz seemed none the wiser.

"Alright, well, you all go back to Luke's room and have fun. But don't do anything bad. I trust you for a reason, Luke."

"Yeah, yeah, I know mum. Thanks for letting them come over." He smiled at his mum, went over and gave her a peck on her cheek, and then led us to his room.

I had to admit, he had a nice room. Band posters decorated his walls, and an empty fish tank balanced precariously on a bookshelf next to a pair of pink speakers. His bed faced a large window that showed their backyard, tree foliage covering the moon.

On the floor of his room were a few sleeping bags and pillows, which I figured were for Calum, Michael and I.

"Alright, I'm just going to address the elephant in the room," I said as I rubbed my hands together. All three boys turned their heads to face me. "I'm the most attractive here." I laughed but the boys didn't join me. "Alright, alright, I'll be serious. Luke," I said and his eyes met mine. "I still hate you but you're letting me stay so thanks."

He nodded his head in response.

I continued speaking. "Also, I'm drunk as fuck so I'm going to get a drink." I left the room and made my way to the kitchen, only getting lost once in a house that's hardly a labyrinth. In the kitchen I searched for a glass, but only found one when Liz grabbed one from a cupboard and handed it to me.

"Luke's never had a girl over before," she stated after I thanked her for the glass.

As I filled it up with water, I replied with, "That's weird, he's quite popular with the girls at school. But not me, though." I leaned towards her as though I were telling her a big secret. "You see, Liz, I like this other guy, right, and he's amazing. And you wanna know something else?" I asked but I didn't wait for her to answer. "We kissed tonight. But it wasn't as special as I wished because I'm pretty drunk and so was he. And drunk kisses aren't good kisses. Oh, whoops, I wasn't meant to tell you that there was alcohol at the party." I slapped a hand over my mouth.

"Oh, don't worry, dear. I assumed there was going to be alcohol. That's why Luke wasn't allowed to go. He has to be eighteen before he can drink."

"You're such a good mum. Very responsible." I gave her a thumbs up and sipped my water. "I'm gonna take this with me and go now, but it was nice talking to you." I lifted my glass up as a toast to her, then stumbled back to Luke's room.

Drunk words tumbled out of my mouth once I was sitting with my back leaning against the wall. My comments ranged from how nice Luke's mum was to how much gravy would be needed to float a boat so that it would then become a gravy boat. Eventually, Luke had had enough of my pointless chattering and placed a laptop in front of me, with YouTube loaded on the screen.

"Watch as many as videos as you want, as long as you shut up." He commented.

I smiled in thanks, plugged in the earphones I had been provided with, and began watching videos from the 'Recommended' section on the YouTube homepage. I tuned out of the boys' conversation and immersed myself in pranks and cat videos. I eventually grew bored of the videos and opened up Luke's YouTube profile. I expected to see nothing, just his liked and favourited videos. I certainly didn't expect to see uploaded videos, with over a hundred views on each of the four videos. I couldn't help myself and clicked on the first video, titled 'Please Don't Go (cover) Mike Posner'. The video quickly loaded and I couldn't help but giggle at how awkward Luke seemed. But all my laughter dissipated when Luke began singing. I was mesmerised; he was that good. His voice was amazing, as well as his guitar playing. I was enthralled the entire video, all the way until the ending. It didn't take long for me to watch the other three videos, and when I was done I couldn't help but stare at Luke. This person in front of me: the one who was a douche-bag, an asshole, a dick, every insult in the world, could sing like an angel and play the guitar like a god.

"Hey Luke," I said, deciding I wanted to confront him about it. "Nice singing voice."

Luke's eyes widened and he released an almost inaudible gasp. "What do you mean?" He asked, trying to play it cool.

"You're voice when you sing Please Don't Go and Just the Way You Are is nice. You should consider a career in music."

"You're drunker than I thought. You haven't heard me sing." Luke insisted on pretending that he hadn't posted covers on YouTube.

"Well, I kinda have." I said as I turned the laptop to face Michael, Calum and Luke. Luke leant forward to slam down the lid but Calum stopped him whilst Michael pressed play on the video. Luke's voice was distorted by the laptop's tinny speakers but we all heard it pretty clear. Luke had his head in his hands, embarrassed, but I didn't understand why.

After the video finished, Calum admitted that it was really good and Luke should actually consider a music career. Even Michael said that he was good. It was then when a brilliant idea struck.

"Wait, hold on a second... If Luke can sing and play the guitar, and Michael and Calum can play the guitar, and possibly even sing, you guys could start a band! Oh, that would be so cool, because then I could get one of those shirts that say 'I'm with the band' and I could boast about how I started your band. Yep, it's decided, you three are going to start a band."

My small monologue was met with silence, the three boys staring at me blankly.

Michael is the first to break the silence, saying, "You're drunk, Sam. Maybe you should go to sleep."

So I did. I took off my boots, slipped into one of the sleeping bags on the floor, rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep due to the alcohol, and I allowed my brain to wander in the dreamscape.


Well, that was a shitty ending. Sorry about that. But it's another chapter which is good.

And yeah, that's all, bye, love ya!

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