Band Tees ~ 5 Seconds of Summer

One boy with too many soccer trophies, one boy with too much hair dye, one boy with too many drum sticks, one boy with too much ego, and one girl with too many band tees.


1. I

First days of schools are typically written as nerve wracking days filled with rushing to get to school on time and the girl immediately getting a crush on the hot, popular guy. I don’t follow cliché’s, however. I was ready half an hour before school started and I wasn’t nervous at all. Though I suppose going to 10 schools in 11 years of school kind of makes you used to it. I guess I’m just well-adjusted.

Catching the bus was as boring, though it always is. It was a bunch of teens crammed into a metal, moving box with no seat belts. And this bus seemed to attract the noisiest teens. I had to plug in my earphones and put on Ben Folds Five as loud as I could. At least Draw A Crowd was a good song.

The bus screeched to a stop and everyone began pushing each other out of the way, racing for the doors. Not really caring about being the first out, I waited for everyone to pass by me before sliding out of my seat. I slung my bag over my shoulder and got off the bus, pushing past the throng of screaming teens. I made my way to the front office, ignoring the looks I got. Being the new girl meant people were going to stare.

I pushed the door to the front office open, the air conditioning blowing my hair out of my face. I rested my arms on the desk and waited for the woman sitting behind a computer to notice me.

“Oh, hi there,” She said as she finally looked up at me. “How can I help you?”

“I’m new here and I was told to go to the front office on my first day to get a timetable.” I explained.

“Okay, what’s your name, sweetie?”

I ignored her ‘sweetie’ comment, slightly put off by it. “Samantha Jackson.”

Her fingers tapped against the keyboard for a few minutes before the printer began whirring. She stood up and gathered the paper she has printed off.

“Okay, honey, this is your timetable. You have the classes you chose online: English advanced, photography, modern history, music, visual arts, standard maths and chemistry. They’re all in various classes around the grounds, here's a map. Oh, and here’s Luke to show you around.”

I turned around to see who Luke was, and saw a guy around 6 feet tall. He had blonde hair styled in a quiff with a black ring in his lip. His clothes were rumpled and his jeans had holes in the knees.

“Luke, dear, come over here for a second.”

Luke made his way over to the desk and rested his arms on it. “Hey, Miss Thompson. How’re you going?”

“I’m good, Luke. This is Samantha, she’s new here. Do you mind showing her around today?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

The receptionist, Miss Thompson, thanked him then waved us off.

“Hi. I’m Luke Hemmings.” He held out his hand for me to shake, which I did.

“Sam Jackson.” I smiled.

“Um, welcome to Norwest School. I’ll take you on a tour and then we’ll go to homeroom. Sound good?”

I nodded my head. Luke took me around the school, showing me the canteen, the sick bay, the library, and then our shared homeroom.

“Pass me your timetable.” Luke said. After I handed it to him, he looked at it. “We’re in the same maths so I can show you where that is. And you’re doing photography instead of cooking. Are you bad at cooking or do you not like it or what...? Nearly everyone chooses cooking.”

“I’m good at cooking but I like to cook for fun, not for a grade.”

“Okay, cool. I like your shirt, by the way. Blink is a favourite band of mine."

I nodded my head as thanks for his compliment. I really liked my shirt as well; the material was soft and light, perfect for summer, and there was the Blink-182 logo on the front in white.

"Um, this is our homeroom.” Luke pushed the door open and let me go in through first. “Sorry sir, I was showing Sam around. She’s new.”

The teacher inside ushered us in as I looked around the classroom. A few girls were staring at Luke, sighing. It was then that I figured out that Luke fell under the category of ‘hot and popular’. Great. That meant he would probably be an ass.

“That’s okay, Luke, come on in.” Of course the popular kid would be let off. The teacher then faced me. “What’s your name?”

“Sam Jackson.”

“Alright, Sam, late on your first day. Not a good thing. You’re lucky you’re new. Now, go sit down. I’m about to call role.”

Role call was a long process, with people joking about being here but not wanting to; the same joke over and over again. It was a little boring, to be honest.

Twenty minutes later homeroom had finished and we could all ‘skip off’ to our first class, as my homeroom teacher said. I looked at my timetable and thought to my quick tour I had had before school started, wondering if Luke had shown me where the ‘RY’ building was. I began walking in the way I thought ‘RY’ was but I didn’t get very far before Luke called out my name.

“Oi, Sam!” Luke’s voice ricocheted through the hallway.

“What, Luke?” I called back.

“RY is this way,” he jabbed his thumb over his shoulder as he walked towards me. “You’re going the wrong way. If you had listened during my tour, you would know that.”

“Your tour was boring.” I shrugged.

Luke gasped, placing his hand over his heart. “My tour was very interesting, thank you very much.”

I snorted, disagreeing with him. Even though my distaste for Luke was obvious, he grabbed my arm and pulled me along in the right direction. A few minutes later we were walking through the door and into the classroom. Two-seater desks were placed in rows of four, all facing a large whiteboard. Once Luke was sure I was in the class, he pushed past me and sat down near the middle, next to a few other people I would place in the ‘popular’ group.

I looked around for my own seat but they all but one were taken up all ready. The one empty seat was at the back, next to a guy with dyed white hair and a black streak down the middle. The opposite of a skunk, basically. I sat down next to him and began tapping my fingers. One thing I hated more than anything was waiting.

“Mr Hanrahan is always late,” a voice from my right said, “He won’t be here for another ten minutes, so I’d appreciate it if you stopped the tapping. It’s kind of annoying.”

“Sorry.” I stopped tapping the desk and began bouncing my leg. I said nothing else after that, indicating that the conversation was over. A few minutes later the teacher ran in, out of breath. The lesson began and everyone quietened. It was a slow lesson, the teacher’s voice droned on and on. I was glad once the bell shrilly rung, announcing the end of the lesson.

So that's the first chapter of my 5SOS fanfiction. It's been getting good results on Wattpad so I thought I'd put it here because I do want to some more feedback.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Bye, love ya! <3

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