Clipped Wings

This poem is based off of the disney movie "Maleficent" at the time when Angelina Jolie's (Maleficents) wings have been stolen from her.
This is an entry for the Halloween competition, so feedback and liking would be much appreciated. The poem focuses on the transformation from good to bad and encompasses the theme of crossing over.


1. Maleficent

Naked and aloof I lean on my staff,
I muffle a sob as I look down the shaft.
The elf folk and tree nymphs rest without haste,
As blackness bleeds through the pain staken haze.


The lips of a human so lush bitter-sweet,
Had all this time been full of lies and deceit.
My lips a ripe harbor of elegance and grace,
Had been tainted cruely by the human-race.


Solidifying yet sluggish I feel my heart roar,
As the pain in my back bleeds red, stale gore.
My feet, weak yet stable I stand lost yet found,
As the sun peaks its head on the dark barren ground.


My heart throbs despairingly and I offer my hand,
As the orange sky turns blue as if on my command.
The bright morning sun beats down on the Earth,
As the clouds take their paths for what they are worth.


Taking back the gesture I straighten my back,
Whilst lifting my head up I feel my mouth crack.
Smiling to myself I feel my chest wheeze,
As I let out a laugh that crackles in the breeze.


Laughing whilst shaking I feel my heart soar,
As the laugh at the end turns into a roar.


The man had not only taken my wings and my pride,
But my faith in a balance between us and man-kind.


If it's pain that he wants then it'll be pain that he gets,

For I'll show him the meaning of Maleficent.



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