When a bomb blows at Rhinalda Highschool, killing nearly all inside it. The five survivors, Kenzie Johnson, Lila Vaseè, Jase Talon, Flora Oleary, and Beau Waters, all awaken, each in an entirely different dimension to the others, but find they are able to communicate with each other through telepathy. Can they find each other, figure out why they are there, and stop their world from being sucked into a black hole before time runs out? You're about to find out.


2. Who am I?

When I awaken, it's cold, and wet. My headache's gone, but in it's place there is a horrible burning sensation in my nose. I sit up and look around, holding my nose and gaging. For the first time, I realise that I'm in a dump. Literally. I have no idea how I got here, but I do know that I have to get away from this putrid dump. I stand up, and make my way to the bottom of mount trash, kicking up old plastic rappers as I go. They float up slightly, catch the wind, and fly away. When I'm at the bottom I let go of my nose and take deep breaths.


Suddenly, as I'm cautiously walking down deserted paths, a thought accurs to me. I don't even know my name. I begin checking my pockets for something with my name on it. I dig deep inside my school uniform pockets. My fingers find something and I pull it out. It looks vaguely like some sort of book. It has nothing on the cover, and no sign of an author. A diary maybe? I open it and look at the first page. It read: DIARY. Property of Kenzie Johnson, if found please return. I stare at the words, thoughts running through my head. Am I Kenzie Johnson? Should I read it? It might tell me more about myself... Quickly I flip through the pages, stopping on a random one. It's written in neat print. I skim the page. Nothing much, just an average 16 year old's day. I keep flipping pages. I pause on one that's different. Instead of my regular print, there is one paragraph in messy blue writing.


I read it, slowly. It begins like this: Dear Kenzie, you do not know who I am, but I know you very well. Chances are you probably don't know who you are either. If you are reading this, then you have awoken somewhere you don't know, knowing nothing about what happened or who you are.


That part about not knowing what happened wasn't quite true. An explosion, I think. Tears forming in my eyes as I remember my flashback. Everyone's at my high school is dead. Except me.

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