When a bomb blows at Rhinalda Highschool, killing nearly all inside it. The five survivors, Kenzie Johnson, Lila Vaseè, Jase Talon, Flora Oleary, and Beau Waters, all awaken, each in an entirely different dimension to the others, but find they are able to communicate with each other through telepathy. Can they find each other, figure out why they are there, and stop their world from being sucked into a black hole before time runs out? You're about to find out.


3. The Tunnel


I groan and rub my eyes, which are stinging like crazy. I blink madly and squint at my surroundings. It isn't easy, since it's pretty much pitch black. I can make out the faint outline of things. Not much. I'm in a dark rock tunnel with seemingly no end. Pretty much all I can make out. It must be night time, that explains the darkness and feeling as though I could collapse with tiredness at any moment. For the first time I notice my headache, but now that I have it fills nearly all my thoughts, pushing them away to make room for itself. I groan again and fall back down, clutching my head in pain. I must have taken my tiredness up on it's offer to collapse, because when I awaken it's faintly lighter. I can see the face of my watch now and squint at it. 8:12am. Nobody's thought to put a single light in this tunnel, so it's still really dark. I attempt to stand up. I can't stay here. There's no food, nor water. Shakily I stand and stumble forward, barely knowing which way was up or down. I shriek in pain, and fall to the ground. I notice a small pool of blood on the floor and assume it's my own. It's not difficult to figure out where the blood is coming from, since my left leg feels as though it were on fire. Wincing, I slowly bring my leg around in front of me. Sure enough, my tan coloured tracksuit pants have a small hole in the knee with blood seeping out. I start to roll up the trouser leg, but think better of it. I don't like blood. It makes me feel sick. So even though I know better, I tell myself it's just a graze and attempt to get up again. Slowly I make progress, down the long tunnel.


It feels like hours since I started walking. I check my watch. 10:27. That means It's been 2 hours and... 14? No, 15 minutes. I never really was the best at math. I continue, hoping desperately that the end will soon appear, as with every step, comes a new wave of excruciating pain. I look back, to see just how far I've come, but I can no longer tell. Who makes a tunnel this long? I ask myself and make a silent promise to myself to make them sorry.



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