When a bomb blows at Rhinalda Highschool, killing nearly all inside it. The five survivors, Kenzie Johnson, Lila Vaseè, Jase Talon, Flora Oleary, and Beau Waters, all awaken, each in an entirely different dimension to the others, but find they are able to communicate with each other through telepathy. Can they find each other, figure out why they are there, and stop their world from being sucked into a black hole before time runs out? You're about to find out.


1. The explosion


My head pounds, trying to escape my body. I try to sit up but immediately fall back down in pain. I can't remember a thing. My vision blurs and the world spins, making my head hurt even more. I focus all my energy on assuming a more comfortable position. It feels as though I'm lying on a bed of nails. I wave of pain covers me and I groan. This doesn't feel real. Sort of as though I were looking over my own body. I black out. A memory comes to me, dark and nightmarish. The start isn't so bad. I'm in a high school, playing outside with what I assume to be friends. We're laughing, all of us. I study each of their faces. Two are boys and the other two are girls. And there's me, or what I suppose is me, sitting on the cold, cracked, concrete laughing along to whatever it is one of us said to make us all laugh. I'm happy. But then I get a panicked feeling, as if I know something's about to happen. I look around, my heart beating faster and faster. Then it happens. There's a large booming noise, and a huge fireball speeds towards me. I scream. So do my friends. Everything's moving in slow motion. The large black cloud of smoke drifting away. The uncountable sirens of nearby firetrucks. The screams of the dying children. It's awful. I wish for it to stop but, as if in answer to my wish, it get's worse. Focusing on each and every dying scream. Then I swoop back to my own body, and watch as several rescuers lean over me. One leans his head to my chest, checking for a heartbeat. He slowly lifts his head. Shaking it. Everything goes black, and I'm back, my head pounding still. I groan and shake myself awake. I scream, and it echoes loudly, again and again. Tears sting my eyes as the reality sets in. My friends are dead. My teachers are dead. Everyone's dead... except me. No I doubt if I were dead that I would feel pain, or be able to scream. For the first time, I take in my surroundings. It's dark. Probably either early morning or late evening. Something's strange about this place. It's very quiet, nothing like the New York I know. But that's not it. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I'll figure it out later. Maybe a freshly rested mind would work better. Because right now, I'm exhausted. So I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.


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