Hestia is a Greek Asian who is obsessed with this new website: AnyEvery. Still,her friends, the Nerd Herd, are concerned. There were many stories of people passing out into comas for six hours..or even forever. And when Hestia sees a malfunction, she's not sure if it's more than a simple glitch.


1. Hestia

Crud! My flipping laptop!

Usually, I wouldn't leave it. The last time I tried to download my tablet, it took FOREVER! 89 software updates takes a long time, in case you didn't know.

I ran back inside the house, with headphones on, so I don't have to hear my Asian dad and my Greek mom yelling about my irresponsibility and carelessness. Trust me, I've got enough of that junk in my mind.

As I dash to school (with my laptop safely secured in my backpack, which has an insulated metal coating inside. Genius, right?), I stop by Rion's house. He's my friend, and I wanted to make sure that he didn't make the same mistake as I did.

"Hes?," he asked as soon as he got out. "What're you doing out here?"

"Waiting for you," I smiled, trying to suppress my giggles.

Rion pokerfaced. "Hes, I know you forgot it again."

"Fine!," I said, exasperated. "But I also wanted to go to school with you. Please?" I folded my hands and tried to beg as he sighed and nodded.

"Heard of that new website?," I asked walking alongside him.

Rion nodded. "AnyEvery?" He asked, a smile growing on his face.

"Yeah! They've got EVERYTHING there on it!,"I exclaimed.

"Meh," he simply shrugged. "People get really suspicious about it. I mean, there's a lot of glitches that give people headaches. Sometimes they PASS OUT!"

"Ah,c'mon!,"I waved my hand. "That shiz isn't legit, Ri! Don't believe the internet."

"But AnyEvery IS the--"


Rion pouted and shut up. I felt bad for him. He was hated enough at school, and now he was being made fun of by the only female that appreciated him. And NOT in that way. Trust me, people make fun of me for trusting him.

"Sorry," I murmured. "Just trying to prove the point to you"

"It's cool," Rion smiled. For some reason, that kind of smile always made me happy. It made me think that he could let things slide, and that he was strong. And again, it doesn't make me happy in THAT way. "Coulda been worse."

"Like with that prissy little Princess Amelia?," I smirked. She was a brat to the both of us, and we constantly made fun of her.

Rion chuckled too. "Yeah. 'Ugh! Go out of my way or I send my guards!'"

"And then," I excitedly continued our little story. "We get our super bad resistance--"

"And end her reign of terror!," both of us said in unison. We laughed as someone clapped behind us.

"My, my," Isabella, my British friend, clapped, a smirk on her lips. "You two make a FINE couple."

"Izz!,"I blushed. See? This is what I mean when I get paired up with Ri!

"Just saying!," the Brit held up her hands in defense. "You guys should be an actual thing by now!"

"Well,too bad." Rion scoffed. "We're not."

I felt blood from inside burning my face as I looked at the blonde boy in front of me. He doesn't hate you,Hestia, I thought to myself. He's just really subconscious about what Isabella's saying. He's only mad, so understand it, okay?

Isabella glared at Rion. "You didn't have to be THAT cold." She gestured towards me. I quickly looked down and closed my eyes.


I ignored him.



"We're late!"


"I apologize for tardiness," Isabella, Rion, and I said to the class.

"We accept your apology," the class and teacher replied. Mrs. Baldwin was obsessed with this apology stuff, so this happened.

"Now, let's begin our review..." She said, completely turning to the board.

I heard a yawn and realized it was my friend Liano. He was more of a frenemy and (mean) older bro to me, so I always had a right to face palm at him.

"Liano," I whispered. "DON'T."

"Jeez, woman," he furrowed his eyebrows. "What's YOUR problem?"

"You're not listening," I simply said, taking notes. "Listen or you're butt's in detention."

"I don't want tooo," Liano whined.

And sure enough, the guy's butter butt was in detention.

Next class up was Social Studies. I sat next to Joey and Jason, which was completely acceptable.

"Dija hear?," Joey asked us. "AnyEvery is adding Legend of Zelda to their gaming section."

"They've got EVERYTHING!," Jason nodded. "First, they've got everything Minecraft. Next, they have everything fighting. Now ZELDA?!"

"It does mean anything and everything,Jay," I replied, working in a project. I wanted to do the writing, since THAT was actually easier for me.

"Well,the whole glitch thing..."Jay replied, clicking a pen. "It scares me."

"Agreed,"Joey began writing. "I heard that one guy Bob... He went into a coma for SIX hours!"

"And his best friend,"Jason added.

Joey nodded. "Even worse...remember that one girl Korral? SHE never woke up!"

"As in the beauty make-up girl?,"I asked, shocked. Korral Lequiezel was a beauty guru who used AnyEvery as a resource. She said it was better than Pinterest, and then got paid millions.

Both boys nodded as a reply. I laughed.

"If you wanna prove anything," I said. "Then come to MY place after school."

Silence filled our once excited conversation.


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