The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


3. these conversations

When we arrived at her house we decided to watch divergent because she is such a fan girl. After we ate our ice cream and watched the movie we just talked. I asked her about her boyfriend leaf it's not his real name he doesn't like his real name so we called him leaf.

" so how is leaf going Brit "

She blushed and replied " good actually it's been like 9 months "

" that so good, he is such a nice guy "

" guess what I found out dani "

" what "

" that the luke is your neighbour "

I was so embarrassed I don't want anyone to know that. Luke is such a ass, he lives next to me and has a house by himself because parents are always travelling so there are party's like all the time at the house.

I replied saying " oh I guess he is "

After about another hour of talking I decided I better go home or I will be in big trouble.

Brit drove me home as I lived like 5 min away from her house. I said good bye and got out.

I was walking up to the house but before I even had a chance to open my front door my mom came yelling at me.

" where have you been young lady I have been texting and calling you all afternoon "

And of course my phone has been flat since I got to Brits.

I responded " I was at Brits house we just watched a movie and she dropped me off "

" well you have been very serective for the last few months I want to know what has changed "

I was over the conversation so I just walked up stairs slammed my door and Locked it. I am totally over everyone and everything. I knew only one person to make me feel better so I called her.

" hey Nikki "

"Hey dani I'm so sorry I wasn't at school today I am definitely coming tomorrow and we can do whatever you want "

" it's ok I'm fine, I just wanted to talk I haven't seen you in ages "

" yeh well we only have a little longer together until I have to go on my vacation "

" I know Nikki I am going to miss you so much "

We talked for about another hour or so and then I said I was going to go to bed.

Hey guys this is the third chapter like, comment or fan me if you would like more.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings

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