The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


2. the school day

I soon arrived at school after getting no sleep last night. As I was walking, the schools 'bad boy' Luke Hemmings came up to me. I knew this couldn't be good.

" Hows your boyfriend? He chuckles

"Oh that's right he broke up with you... " he says in his signature cocky voice.

He walkes away laughing. Uh, I hate him so much he thinks he is so cool with his blond hair and his 'epic' lip piercing. Why is he such a jerk!?

Later in homeroom, knowing best friend Nikki wasn't coming to school today because she was getting something done to her braces, I took a seat by myself. Then unexpectedly Brit came up to me.

"Oh, I heard about the break up and I'm sorry. Um so, I was thinking that tonight me and you could eat some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and watch some movies. What do you think? " she explains.

"Sounds awesome to me Brit, it would definitely make me feel heaps better " I say truly enthusiastic

- Later that day -

I meet Britt at my locker. She's looking a bit.... Curious.

" Ummm so Dani..." She trails off

"Are you going to tell me why he broke up with you?"

I think for a moment then just like that I started to tear up but I force myself to go on.

" Well... John said I was to young for him but really there's not that much age difference I think "

I say struggling to get my words out.

She then gives me a sympathetic look but doesn't say anything, which I'm kind of thankful of.

We then talked all the way to her house. It was different because I hadn't really talked to Brittney much since I started dating John, but it's good.

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