The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


35. the dinner

After about an hour of watching tv. Well not really just thinking about how I was going to tell luke that I was pregnant I was nervous.

Luke finally arrived home at around 6:20pm and we started making dinner.

" have you heard from your mum " luke asked.

" not since that night " I said looking out Luke's window see my out house.

" oh okay. How are jade and Nikki. " he asked.

" great what's with all the questions " I said giving him a funny look. All I could think about though was telling him I was pregnant.

" nothing just curious "

" ok when are your parent coming back they haven't been here since before I moved in " I said going over to look and kissing him on the check.

" crap I was going to tell you once we were eating dinner and stuff but who cares I will tell you now " he quickly said.

" what is it " I asked.

" my mum and dad found a house in America a few months back and are living there this is just mine and your house babe " he says picking me up in a big hug kissing me lots of times.

" let's get back to cooking "

We went back to cooking and ended up cooking beef stronganoth my favourite.

After eating dinner and talking a bit more we all watched and movie and walked up to our bedroom to get ready for bed.

Hey guys finally posted another chapter. Been really busy since it's getting to the end of the year and stuff. Hope you like this chapter. Please like comment and fav it. Thank you all so much.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings Xoxoxoxo

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