The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


27. surprise

* 4 days later *

Today was the day luke was taking me on his surprise date were we have to skip school.

He blindfolded me and took me to his car.

" are we there yet? " I asked in a child like voice every few minutes. Luke would just laugh.

After about a hour of driving we arrived. He toke the blind fold of me and we were at a beach.

" your swimmers are in the car " he said.

I got changed and we ran into the water together. We were splashing each other and hugging. When we started kissing. After about a 5 min make out session he toke my bikini off and I let him.

" hey dani and luke " I heard someone say and it was Calum and Ashton with two other girls. One being my best friend Nikki. I waved at her.

I jumped off luke remembering I didn't have a bikini one and everyone saw my boobs I went as red as a tomato.

" nice boobs " yelled Calum and Ashton. Nikki and the other girl hit them. I put my bikini one and luke and I got out of the water to say hi.

When we got out micheal and the bitch from school Eva got out. We all stared.

I went other to Nikki.

" it's going to be a long day with that slut " I whispered.

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