The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


10. pick you up at 7

" okay " I said after about like 5 min of being in shook.

" will you go on a date with me " he said shyly.

" that would be fun "

We walked in slience the rest of the way there. When we got to my house he said

" I will pick you up at 7 "

" cya then "

I was so excited and still in shook I guess but I ran up to my room. I called Nikki.

" he asked me out " I told her.

" who did dani "

" luke "

She gasped.

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I had to go to school and the next chapter is going to be a really long one. Please like, comment or fan it. I will post another chapter when I get to 13 people fan it and 15 people like it. Thank you guys.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings Xo

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