The boy next door

When 16 year old Danielle has a big break up and everything seems to be going wrong. Especially since the school bad boy is always around since she became recently single. Danielle thinks something is up.


14. my mum

I ran Inside and called Nikki telling her everything.

* skip to the next morning *

The next morning I was awoken by my brother Nicholas. In his cute superman pjs I brought him, he looked so cute.

" Danielle mummy wants to talk to you " he said. I got up put pants on and checked the time already 12pm. I walked down to her.

" so Nikki tells me you went on a date last night? " she said.

" yeh I did with Luke Hemmings our neighbour. He is my boyfriend now " I said slowly.

" okay that's good you can go out with him if you want. Just remember one think if you have S-E-X use protection " she said I blushed and hugged her. She spelled out sex because my brother and sister where listening.

" thank you mummy love you " I said.

I went to my room, I was walked up stairs I heard Nicholas go what's s-e-x. I laughed. I checked my phone there was a message from Luke.

Hey babe come over my house at 3. Luke xx

I smiled at the text and started getting ready since it was already 1:30. I put my hair in a messy bun and wore a short floral Dress with black boots. I also did my normal make up routine.

I walked over to his house.

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From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings Xo

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