Newly Little Horan

Anna is married, in early pregnancy, and going on tour with Niall for a year. But what happens when things get complicated for the soon-to-be parents?
1) Newly Stepbrother
2) Newly Wedded
3) Newly Little Horan


13. The Memories

-Anna- (Howth/ Dublin, Ireland)

We left Noah with Denise and Greg while we're gone on a trip. Niall still wont tell me where we're going. But everytime I ask, he gets excited or a smile on his face. It's really cute. I sat in his silver car as he drove down the road. It's about 4pm and he just stopped to get a snack at the fresh market before heading out of Westmeath. I slept for about 2 hours and was woken up by Niall. "Come on, I'm taking you someplace." He said as I got out of the car. Niall grabbed my hand and held onto it as we walked. The sun was starting to go down and we ran out of a little woods.


There I stood, with my mouth wide open. Ocean, Islands, and little houses on the coast. "'s beautiful." I said smiling so hard that I could've cried. "That's not all." He said as we sat on a blanket that was on a rock in front of a white screen. "What's going on?" I asked and he said nothing. 1D music started to play and the screen began to play. Pictures of me and Niall were shown. From the day we were both born to just recently. Little videos played throughout. Some of them were with me in them. I laughed at some things, but was almost at tears with others.


One of the last 20 pictures and videos was emotional. "Hello! Congratulations on your first year together Niall and Anna!" 5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction said. Now I was crying. The show ended and I looked at him and his eyes were filled with tears. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." He said and I kissed him. Music started to play as the sun set low above the water. We danced on the rocks and talked to each other. "I swear I am living in a fairy tale. But somehow, it's all real." I said looking around and then back at his eyes.


"I would say the same. My life is complete now, and that's all I have ever wanted." Niall said and tears streamed down my face. "Why did you do all of this for me?" I asked him and he smiled. "In order for you to be my princess, I must treat you like one." He said and I laughed. I have to say, my life would be incomplete without him. I would be completely lost and wouldnt know how to love like I have loved him.

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