Newly Little Horan

Anna is married, in early pregnancy, and going on tour with Niall for a year. But what happens when things get complicated for the soon-to-be parents?
1) Newly Stepbrother
2) Newly Wedded
3) Newly Little Horan


11. Perfect


I woke up to Noah's cries in the middle of the night and I ran to his room to comfort him. My mum is here, but it's not Niall. Noah was always quiet and peaceful when Niall was here. Now, he's crying and needing me all the time. It is a lot of work for me and mum just wants to keep taking over. "I'll get him." She said one night when trying to get off the couch. "No. I got it. Thanks though." I said running to the baby's room. I usually face chat Niall every other day and he always asks how we're doing. "Are you okay, Anna? You look so tired." Niall asked me one day and I placed a smile on my face.


"Perfect. Now that I am talking to you." He grinned. "Dont wear yourself out too much. I'm taking you some place when I get home from tour." Niall said and I paused. "What about the ba-" He didnt let me finish. "It's okay. We'll figure something out. We always do." He said and we laughed. "You're right, Ni. I'm sorry." I said and he just smiled. "Well, I better put little boy to sleep." I said yawning. "You better get some sleep too." Niall said and I grinned. "Says the singer who is has a concert and recording to do." I said and he laughed.



My brother & Anna always seem so tired. I skype Niall for Theo a lot though. He always yawns and then has to go do something. Anna on the other hand, I see her a lot in person. She can barely keep her eyes open and is getting dark circles around her eyes. She is such a beautiful girl, but all this work is wearing her body out. The Horan family is a bit crazy right now, but we will get through it. But for Niall & Anna, I am not sure yet.


People say that we are a perfect family, but that's seriously not true. We try to keep our values, love, and family, very strong. Take it from a Horan, it's hard. Ever since Niall got into One Direction, my life has even changed. Fans and photographers are following me around and I'm not Niall! Okay, so I may be the brother but I'm not him.

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