Newly Little Horan

Anna is married, in early pregnancy, and going on tour with Niall for a year. But what happens when things get complicated for the soon-to-be parents?
1) Newly Stepbrother
2) Newly Wedded
3) Newly Little Horan


1. Packing Up


I walked into our bedroom and Anna was packing the suitcase. "So, you want to go on tour- even with the baby?" I asked her for sure. "Yes. It's a tour for 1 year and the baby comes in 9 months and I want you to be there." Anna said and I smiled. "I love you so much." I told her and she smiled. "That's good." She said and I laughed a little. "When do we find out if it's a boy or a girl?" I asked her and she looked up at me. "It's a suprise, Ni!" Anna said and I looked at her with a sad puppy face. "Please, please, please tell me!" I pouted but she didnt budge.


"5 Seconds Of Summer is going to be there." I said after a while and putting my crazy mofos t-shirt in my suitcase. "Oh cool! I've always wanted to meet them. They sound like great lads." Anna said and I grinned. "Which one is your favorite?" I asked her and she gave me a weird look. "In 5SOS, I like them all. In 1D, you're my favorite of course." She said. "You're only saying that because I am married to you." I told her and she laughed. "Am not!" Anna called from the bathroom.


"Come on, we got to get ready to go to the airport and go catch the plane with the boys." I said as I took suitcases downstairs. "Okay, I'm coming." Anna said and I rolled my eyes. "Woman....pregnant ones for sure." I mumbled and apparently she heard me. "I heard that Niall James Horan!" She yelled from upstairs and I started laughing. "Okay Anna Jane Horan!" I said back at her and she laughed when coming down the stairs.


A black Land Rover was outside waiting on us. I threw the luggage into the trunk and we hopped in. "Are you ready to go on tour, Anna?" I asked her and she smiled. "I love going on tour with you. So much adventure. Besides, with this one coming along the way, it should be a bit more exciting this time!" Anna said. I love it when she gets excited. We havent told our families yet or anybody else, which should be interesting when we do tell them.

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