Newly Little Horan

Anna is married, in early pregnancy, and going on tour with Niall for a year. But what happens when things get complicated for the soon-to-be parents?
1) Newly Stepbrother
2) Newly Wedded
3) Newly Little Horan


7. One Way Or Another

-Anna- (June)

I woke up with constant kick throughout the night. I woke up at 6:18 this morning, realizing that I have gone into labor and I need to get to the hospital. "Mum!!!" I yelled. She dashed down the hall and opened my door. "It's time." I told her and she yelled at Bobby. "Honey! Start the car and we're going to the hospital." Mum yelled. "Okay. I'll start the car!" Bobby said and I cried at the pain. She helped me to the car and I got in as quickly as I could. Mum sat in the back seat with me as my dad hit the gas down the highway.


"It's going to be okay honey." She told me and I tried smiling through pain and I grabbed out my phone and handed it to her. "Tell Maura and Chris to meet us at the hospital." I said and she nodded. "They're on their way right now." Mum said and we kept driving through Mullingar, almost to the hospital where Niall was born. When we finally got there, I got on a cart and they rushed me into the hospital and Mum shouted to me as I dissapeared through the doors. "Make us proud!" I smiled but the baby was pushing hard now.


Nurses took me into a room and a doctor appeared. "It's going to be okay, just breath for right now, Anna. Ellie, talk to her." A nurse bent down and took my hand, that's where Niall was supposed to be right now. "So, you're from Mullingar and you are married to Niall, correct?" She asked and smiled. "Yes. He's on tour right now, probably wont be able to come home for another 3 months." I said and Ellie nodded. "Aww, I wish he was here. But you're doing great, Anna. Keep talking to be and pushing." She said. After that, I didnt really remember much. One way or another, I was having this baby today.


Sorry for the short chapter, the next one is longer I promise! Hope you loved this chapter. :)


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