Newly Little Horan

Anna is married, in early pregnancy, and going on tour with Niall for a year. But what happens when things get complicated for the soon-to-be parents?
1) Newly Stepbrother
2) Newly Wedded
3) Newly Little Horan


10. Missing Them


I'm back on tour and I am missing them so much. By them, I mean my family, Noah, and Anna. "Hey Niall. What's on your mind?" Luke asked me. "Our newest song, Steal My Girl." I said and he smiled. "I love that song!" He said excitedly. "I cant stop thinking about Anna and all the women in my life." I said. "Her, Mum, Elizabeth, Denise...." My voice trailed off and he nodded. "You'll see them soon, Ni. Don't worry." He hugged me and I smiled, it made me feel better. "Luke! It's your turn to get your hair done." Lou called.


"Coming!" Luke said and he smiled before going to get his hair fixed by Lou. These 8 other boys made my life easier. All these little things that they add up to. I couldn't imagine my life without One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Fan's lives would probably be a bit harder, I wouldn't be singing all around the world with other boys. Someday when we are all granddads, we'll be thinking back on the good old times of being a boyband.


I am so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Plus I think I am coming down with something right now. Probably will perform tonight and go straight to bed. Honestly, I'm so happy that I have tomorrow off. I am homesick, I miss my family and friends. I want to go back to Ireland, but I still have a month and a half on the road. "Don't forget where you belong- home." I sang a little to myself and sat there in the chair.


My old friend looks so sad these days, I cant watch. He's always tired, busy, homesick, and...sick. Niall is always talking about home, Anna, and Noah. But his life would be completely different without any of us. He told me he might have to call it quits on the band soon for him. Niall announced this to me about a week ago. What I am getting at is I don't want to lose one of my best friends, my brother. 

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