My everything:captive

READ MY EVERYTHING FIRST!! When luke mysteriously disappears, Luke has no idea where he is. He doesn't Remember a thing except the love of his life. Samantha. The question is. Who kidnapped luke?


6. 6. death is oblivion

Luke's POV:

I awake on the hardwood floor with a knife laying on my wrists and I'm laying by a pile of blood. I'm lucky to be alive. Matthew is holding a knife to my neck. "HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!" I scream until I can't breath and black out.

I sit up and find a bottle of water next to me and a note in Samantha's mom, Caroline, handwriting.

"Drink this. You didn't do anything to deserve this. Please don't harm yourself. I know from experience with Samantha. It makes things worse. I don't know you but you are in love with my daughter I can tell.I'm so sorry. I will do anything to find a way out."

I walk around the living room it looks like, and I see Caroline holding a gun, lying next to Matthew. Not breathing. Neither of them are. I ran to the bathroom and clean myself up.

Calum POV:

Luke is now unconscious with many cuts outlining his wrists. Caroline is holding a gun. "Don't harm luke anymore than you already have!" I hear I gun go off and I peak around the corner. Caroline isn't breathing. Matthew with a fun on his hands. I look around and find a gun on the coffee table. Without thinking. I turn and shoot. Matthew. Dead. I run put of the room and keep running until I reach the hospital.

Death is oblivion.

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