My everything:captive

READ MY EVERYTHING FIRST!! When luke mysteriously disappears, Luke has no idea where he is. He doesn't Remember a thing except the love of his life. Samantha. The question is. Who kidnapped luke?


5. 5.fear,fear it's self

Samantha's POV:

"THIS IS HER DAD NOT HER SO CALLED LOVER!" My dad screamed into his phone.

I can't move. I sit on the couch completely paralyzed in fear.

"It's going to be okay." Calum says as he runs his thumb making circles on my thigh.

I have so many thoughts running through my head. Is he after me to? What is he going to do to luke? Does he have my mom too? What if luke thinks it's my fault? What if he doesn't love me? What of he never loved me?

Calums POV:

"It's going to be okay." I say running my thumb making circles on her thigh. She starts crying and shaking.

"Samantha? You're scaring me stop it. What's going on?!"

"I I can't..." Her eyes roll up to the back of her head. She's sweating like crazy. I remove her jacket and I see fresh cuts oozing with blood. Oh no. Not again. I race to the car and driver to the hospital.

Luke's POV:

Her dad?! No. What about Samantha?! What's going on?!

"Morning luke."matthew is standing over me with a knife held to my wrist.

"Do you know what cuts feel like luke?"

I can't let him so how weak I already am so I shake my head.

"Well you have caused my daughter much pain over the year. Pay back begins now."

He digs the knife into my skin multiple times. I remember how it felt to let everything leave your mind. I take the knife from him and I slit into my other wrist and smile as I fall to the ground seeing only darkness.

Cal POV:

We arrived at the hospital 2 hours ago and a doctor walks out crying. I think the worst as he talks, "she had an anxiety attack; over thinking. She had a seizure and lost a lot of blood from cutting. Shes in a coma. She may not wake up."

I run to Matthews house and kick down the door. I pick up the note on the floor. "Looking for someone?"


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