My everything:captive

READ MY EVERYTHING FIRST!! When luke mysteriously disappears, Luke has no idea where he is. He doesn't Remember a thing except the love of his life. Samantha. The question is. Who kidnapped luke?


3. 3.telling them.

"If you want to see your precious luke again bring me $1,000 and tell the boys your secrets. Xoxo you know who don't you?"

I run out to the living room nearly tripping on some trash. I hand Calum the note.

"Read this."

Calum reads the note. "What secrets? Who is this?"

"I don't know who wrote it."

"What about the secrets?"

I sit them all down on the couch and stand in front of them. I fake off my bracelets and show them my cuts. I also show them a picture of anorexia, "this me."

Calum runs into the bedroom, Michael cries as he walks to his room, and Ashton hugs me tightly and kisses my cheek. I cry into his chest.

"It's going to be okay." He takes his thumb and.makes circles on my back

"Who who would t take l luke?!"

"A fan? Someone you hate or hates you?"


I sit in my room and blare "Tomorrow never dies" as I sing along. My dad walks in with my mom.

"Who are you listening to?" My mom asks turning it down.

"5 seconds of summer."

"I think they sound good!" My dad says turning it up and singing the chorus. "I like them."

*** end of flashback.***


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.." I say barely audible.

"Come on let's go talk to the boys."

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