My everything:captive

READ MY EVERYTHING FIRST!! When luke mysteriously disappears, Luke has no idea where he is. He doesn't Remember a thing except the love of his life. Samantha. The question is. Who kidnapped luke?


2. 2.the note

Samantha's POV:

Social studies was my last class of the day. Finally I can go home to luke! I decide to call him. No answer. Again. Still no answer. So I text him and get on the bus. When I get off no answer. So I call Calum.

" Samantha..." His voice is nervous.

"Hey why isn't luke answering me?"

"Umm.... Gotta go bye!"

Well that was weird. I decide to walk home today since it was 72 degrees and windy it felt pretty good. When I get home the house is a mess.

"What happened here?" I ask stepping over a pile of trash.

"Umm... Luke's missing."

"What why didn't you tell me Ash?!"

"I don't know." He hung his head in shame.

I run to his room. The one place unchecked and I saw a note.

"If you want to see your precious luke again bring me $1,000 and tell the boys your secret. Xoxo you know who don't you?"

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