Exorcist of The Feudal Age (An Inuyasha Story)

The path of an Exorcist can be a challenging one during The Feudal Age. But Arra isn't like most Exorcist. Her path is long an unclear. Follow her journey battling demons on her quest to stop Naraku.


2. Passing of the Mask

As Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo fallowed Arra to her village. Inuyasha kept telling her to hand over the jewels. Kagome got tired of it and made him sit.

So does the festival have lots of sweets” asked Shippo.

More then you can count” said Arra “Our village makes most of it money from the sweets they sell. Not mention the food is grate to.”

Oh wow” said Shippo.

We don’t have money for that Shippo” said Inuyasha.

Don’t worry” said Arra “As long as your with me you’ll get free samples.”

Wow” said Shippo.

So do you get free stuff because you an Exorcist” asked Kagome.

No” said Arra “I’m the daughter of the head Exorcist.”

Really” said Kagome.

Here it is” said Arra.

They walked through the village. Shippo’s head was turning in every direction like he couldn’t decide what to do first.

This village is sure lively” said Inuyasha.

Sister” said a voice behind them.

Kochi” said Arra as he hugged her.

I thought that was you” said Kochi “They are.”

Friends of mine” said Arra.

You guys don’t mind if I steal my sister do you” said Kochi “Didn’t think so.”

Kochi pulled her away.

Is something wrong” asked Arra.

Father wants to know if you’ve collected any jewel Shards” said Kochi as they walked arm and arm “He also said I wasn’t to let you leave the village after you retuned. Now you’ve brought a strange girl and two demons with you.”

They fallowed me” said Arra “The half demon thinks I Jewel Shards. The girl has power over him by the use of prayer beads and the fox is a child completely harmless.”

Father won’t like this” said Kochi.

Look I didn’t come back to fight with him” said Arra “I’m here for you that’s all. I’ll leave as soon as this is over.”

Miss Arra” said a villager “The headman would like to see you.”

Let’s go” said Kochi.

Arra fallowed him to the house.

Arra” said Zane “Welcome home.”

Father” said Arra.

I hope you will stay this time” said Zane “Have you collected any shards of the Jewel.”

No Father” said Arra.

Why is she lying’ thought Shippo ‘I hope no one can see me.’

I see that you need more training” said Zane “Traveling with demons.”

Those demons are no threat to humans” said Arra.

That does not matter” said Zane rising his voice “They are demons they must be rid of so the we can rest.”

Father” said Arra.

Go enjoy the festival I’ll see you later” said Zane.

Arra turned and left.

Arra” said Kochi “You don’t have to stay. You can leave now before I become head Exorcist.”

Why he’ll just fallow me” said Arra.

Why dose he teat you that way” asked Kochi.

Look” said Arra “Are you telling me to leave.”

I am” said Kochi.

I can’t, not yet” said Arra.

Why” asked Kochi.

I have reason’s” said Arra “I want to see you become head Exorcist. We’ll stay at the Inn.”
“Are you sure” asked Kochi.

I’m sure” said Arra.

Ok” said Kochi “I can’t stop you.”

I’ll need your help with something when I leave though” said Arra.

If you need anything just ask” said Kochi.

I’ll talk to you later ok” said Arra.

All right I’ll see you later” said Kochi.

Arra” said Shippo “Why did you lie to your father.”

Does it matter” asked Arra.

Not really” said Shippo.

Come on let’s go get something to eat” said Arra.

Alright” said Shippo.

Miss Arra try this” said a salesmen.

No try this” said another.

Would your young friend like to try some to” asked the baker.

It all looks so good” said Shippo “I don’t know what to try first.”

We’ll take some of everything” said Arra pulling out money.

They were given the food and went to find Inuyasha and Kagome.

Hay look what we got” said Shippo.

That’s a lot of food” said Kagome.

There was so many people asking what we wanted to try first we got some of everything for everyone.”

Eat up there more than enough” said Arra.

This is really good” said Kagome.

I know it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted” said Shippo.

Aren’t you going to eat some more” asked Inuyasha.

I don’t know” said Arra “If I eat anymore I might pop. I haven’t ate this much in a long time.”

More for me” said Inuyasha.

I can’t eat another bite” said Shippo laying back in the grass.

Inuyasha and Shippo finished what Arra and Kagome couldn’t.

I’ve never see someone eat so much” said Arra.

I know he eats like that all the time” said Kagome.

We’ll its getting late” said Arra “we better get to the Inn before it closes.”

You’re not staying with your father” said Kagome.

No” said Arra “Let’s go.”

Once they were at the Inn Arra paid for one room the innkeeper put a screen in the middle of the room to separate the girls from the boys.

Wow this is really comfortable” said Kagome “do you think it would be ok to ask for a bath.”

Sure go ahead I’m going to take one myself” said Arra.

What are we waiting for” said Kagome.

They left the room and asked for a bath. The Innkeeper put them in in a nice hot bath that was separated by a screen.

This is grate” said Kagome.

What do you mean she lied to her father” said Inuyasha.

I heard it with my own ears” said Shippo “I don’t think she wants to hand over the jewels to him.”

I wonder why” said Inuyasha.

You guys are next” said Kagome as Arra sat down and started drying her long hair.

Alright” said Shippo as he and Inuyasha left the room.

Kagome can you help me with something” asked Arra.

After Inuyasha and Shippo got back to the room the light went out and they all laid down and went to sleep.

Why did she lie to her own father’ thought Inuyasha ‘It don’t make any since’

The next morning Arra walked out of the room before the sun came up and stretched out.

It feels great to be back” said Arra “If only for a short time.”

Good morning Miss Arra” said villagers as she passed.

Arra” said Kochi “Father moved up the passing of the mask.”

When” asked Arra.

This afternoon” said Kochi.

I need you sooner than later then” said Arra.

Anything” said Kochi.

Arra must have got up early” said Kagome “I wonder she went.”

The Passing of the mask will be this afternoon everyone get ready” said a villager.

Passing of the mask” said Inuyasha.

That must be what they pass down to each generation” said Kagome.

There you are” said Arra.

Where did you run off to” asked Inuyasha.

I was with my brother” said Arra.

Miss Arra would you like to try these” asked the baker “I just made them fresh.”

Sure” said Arra taking one.

He gave each of them one and refused Arra’s money.

As the day went on Arra sat by the river. When it was time for her brother to receive the mask the entire village gather as her father passed it to Kochi. One he put it on the villagers cheered.



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