Exorcist of The Feudal Age (An Inuyasha Story)

The path of an Exorcist can be a challenging one during The Feudal Age. But Arra isn't like most Exorcist. Her path is long an unclear. Follow her journey battling demons on her quest to stop Naraku.


1. Collecting Jewel Shards

Arra was walking down a path to the next village as she walked she could feel someone watching her. Arra stopped feeling eye's on her back. She turned and no one was there she could feel a demonic aura close by. She looked around and no one was there so she continued walking. When she got to the next village the villagers seemed to be panicked things were destroyed.

"Excuse me what happened here" asked Arra.

"A demon attacked us" said A child "It was really big and scary."

"Can you point me to the Village headman" asked Arra.

"That way" said the child pointing ahead of them.

Arra walked to the house of the headman.

"I understand you were attacked by a demon" said Arra.

"Yes" said The Headman "We must deal with the demon’s savage attacks because we can not afford a Demon Slayer or exorcist to come and slay the demon we sent someone to get a monk or a priest but no one has come back after leaving the village."

"I can slay the demon for you" said Arra.

"You can are you a priestess" asked The Headman.

"I'm an exorcist" said Arra.

"Our village is a poor one all our young men are fighting in the wars" said The Headman.

"I require nothing to slay the demon for you" said Arra "Slaying demons is my job."

"Non since I'll give you a place to stay and a meal tonight" said The Headman.

"You are very kind" said Arra "Tell me where is the demon."

"Deep into the forest" said The Headman "I fear he is possessed by a shard of the Shikon Jewel. He has killed many of our villagers already comes in the night attacking while we sleep."

"Tonight you will sleep soundly I'll take care of the demon for you" said Arra "Please excuse me. I'll go find the demon."

"Thank you so much Exorcist" said The Headman.

"It's nothing" said Arra leaving the house.

"Everyone The Exorcist is going to slay the demon for us" yelled someone.

The villagers cheered as she headed into the forest fallowing the demonic aura she heard movement around her. The demon was large that was to her advantage it wouldn’t be able to move fast. But if it had a Jewel Shard it would be more difficult to slay. The aura seemed to be getting further away in the opposite direction. It was heading to the village. She ran to catch it villagers were screaming and running Arra pulled out her weapon and threw it. It went right through the demon it's wound healed.

"It's the power of the shard" said Arra picking up her weapon and taking out another one and opening them into fans.

She put them together and spun around the released them it cut the demon in half. she caught the fans and removed the shard. The demon turned into ash and blew away in the wind.

"Thank you exorcist" said The headman.

That was easy thought Arra Too easy for a demon with a shard of the jewel. I fear there's something else going on here.

"Please stay with me tonight" said The headman "it's getting late to head out now."

"Thank you headman" said Arra going back to his house.

Arra didn't sleep well that night. The next morning she moved on after being thanked again. She told the headman if he needed anything to call on her at anytime. The demon she slayed with the shard now gave her ten shards all together. The more shards she collected was a good thing and a bad thing. Daemons seeking the shards came after her that meant she slayed many demons in one day as she walked form one village to the next. But not all demons were bad like the demon she seen hurt n the road side she had been ordered to kill it but did not when she seen him he was dazzling even as he laid injured against a tree she had never seen a man look like that before. She hoped she would run into him again and find out his name.

The jewels she was collecting were surrounded by darkness she was searching for someone who could purify them. As she walked she could feel a demonic aura ahead of her. It was one like she had never felt before so strong the demon that it surrounded would be powerful unlike anything she had ever felt before. She fallowed it before she could find it disappeared. Arra continued on to the next village she passed a well on her way it was completely dry no water in it at all.

This Village has a priestess in it I hope she can purify the shards so they will no longer draw demons to her. as she walked through the village she asked villagers about the Priestess that lived there one of them took her to her.

"Can I help you" asked Kaede.

"I'm am Arra I'm an Exorcist" said Arra.

"Please come in" said Kaede "I've heard about you."

"I've been collecting Jewel Shards for some time now" said Arra "But I do not have the power to purify them. I was hoping you did."

"Sadly I do not" said Kaede "I know of someone who can. If you wait here for a few days she should return by then."

"Unfortunately I cannot" said Arra "I am to return home in three day's. I cannot wait for her return."

"I am sorry to hear that" said Kaede "Is your village far."

"It is a three day trip from here to my village" said Arra.

"I see" said Kaede.

"Kaede were back" said a small voice.

A demonic aura not much of one Thought Arra Two of them one stronger the the other. It's not a full demons Aura i feel.

"Your back" said Kaede.

"Who are you" asked An annoyed voice.

"A demon" said Arra pulling out her weapon.

"Ahh" said a voice she couldn't see who it belonged to.

"Arra wait" said Kaede "This is Inuyasha he is alright."

"You got a problem with me" asked Inuyasha.

"Did you say Arra" asked Shippo.

"Another demon" said Arra.

"Please calm down" said Kaede "Arra this is Kagome she can purify the shards you have."

"Are you a priestess" asked Arra looking at Kagome.

"I guess so" said Kagome.

"So you got Jewel Shards" said Inuyasha "Hand them over."

"I'm not handing anything over to you" said Arra.

"That's enough Inuyasha" said Kagome "She came for our help."

"She's got Jewel shards" said Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha Shippo go wait outside" said Kaede.

They left the hut.

"So do you know anything about this Arra" asked Inuyasha.

"Not much only the roomers I heard" said Shippo "She's an Exorcist and travel’s the country slaying demons they say she has really strong spiritual powers. That's all I know."

"Wow ten Jewel shards" said Kagome.

"Ten" said Inuyasha.

"I got five of them from a single demon" said Arra "The others I collected one by one. Can you really purify the shards."

"I can" said Kagome closing her eye's.

Arra watched as the shards were purified Kagome handed them back to her.

"Thank you" said Arra.

"Your welcome" said Kagome "It's no problem at all. Really."

"I'm sorry to rush" said Arra "But I must be going. i have a long trip ahead of me."

"Please let us know if there's anything more we can do" said Kaede.

Arra left the village.

"What" yelled Inuyasha "What do you mean you gave the jewels back to her."

"The Jewels are hers" said Kagome "She collected them single handed. I'm impressed."

"You must be careful Inuyasha" said Kaede "Arra is a very skilled Exorcist she has more the spiritual powers."

"Yeah the power of ten Jewel shards" said Inuyasha.

"No" said Kaede "Her entire family are Exorcist they train in the village for ten years then travel the country slaying demons. I believe the only reason she's returning home is because someone in her family is passing on the role of the head exorcist."

"So what your saying is don't go pick a fight with her" said Shippo.

"I don't care how strong she is" said Inuyasha "She has ten Jewel shards and I'm going to get them back."

"Inuyasha Sit" said Kagome "Didn't you hear what Kaede just said. Maybe she'll join us, I'm sure it would be grate having her in our group."

"She ant joining us" said Inuyasha.

Arra started a fire and set up camp for the night. She laid down and looked at the stars, traveling alone was a little boring but it had it's advantages the quiet was good when you were tired. She felt a demonic aura similar to Inuyasha's.

"Inuyasha why are we fallowing her again" asked Shippo "She’s kind of scary."

"Inuyasha" said Kagome "we're not stealing her Jewel shards" said Kagome.

"You shouldn't have gave them back to her" said Inuyasha.

"Hay's she's gone" said Shippo.

"What" said Inuyasha looking over Arra was "Where did she go?"

Arra was sitting in a tree.

So the demon came for the jewels I have thought Arra Wrong move on his part.

"How long are you going to be fallowing me" asked Arra.

"Give me the jewel shards you got and I'll leave" said Inuyasha.

"Why would I hand over jewel shards to a demon" asked Arra "I went through a lot of trouble to get theses from the hands of demons. I'm not handing them over to you."

"Let's all calm down" said Kagome.

They sat around the fire.

"So I heard your from a family of Exorcist" said Kagome.

"That's right" said Arra "My brother is about to become head Exorcist I have to return home for the ceremony."
"I see it sounds exciting" said Kagome.

"We have it at the end of the festival" said Arra "Why are you collecting Jewel shards."

"Well I" said Kagome "It's the least I could do."

"So it was you who broke the Jewel" said Arra "You have the power to purify it. I heard that the priestess that died fifty years ago had that same power."

"So what" said Inuyasha "Are you handing over those Jewels or not."

"Would you consider joining us" asked Kagome "We're both looking for jewel shards it would make it easier on us both if we travel together."

"As an Exorcist I have to slay demons that have the shards" said Arra "But I also have to go to the aid of anyone who needs my help even if's it's not a demon. I get request like that all the time."

"Well we can help if you like" said Kagome

"I guess some company wouldn't hurt" said Arra "But that would be up to my brother after the ceremony."

"So he decides if you should still travel or not" said Kagome.

"That's right" said Arra "If I leave against what he says I can never return."

"That doesn’t seem right" said Shippo.

"It's been done that way for hundreds of years" said Arra.

"I see" said Kagome.

"Is that all you can do fallow orders" asked Inuyasha "How pathetic."

"So far My grandmother is the only one who's defied anyone" said Arra "She's retired now or she should be anyway."

"So what are you going to do if he say's you can't leave" asked Shippo.

"I don't know" said Arra "But despite being away so long my brother and I are still close."

They went to sleep.

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