What She Left Behind

Harry finds himself losing his love to cancer and is faced with a difficult truth about love and life- it goes on. He strolls through memory lane as he creates new memories and exciting stories with his daughter and battling wife.


1. A Big Change

Maddison gently rested her head against my arm and sighed slowly.  I looked up at the stars and thought about how perfect the night is.  "How did I get so lucky to get you, Harry?" she asked me, obviously extremely tired. 

I looked down to her face.  Her lips were full, her eyes were bright, and even though she was bald and losing her battle, she was beautiful.  "No, you see, the real question is, how did I get so lucky to get you?" I said, tickling her neck a little bit.

She laughed and smiled.  "Harry," she said again.  I glanced down at her freckly face.  "When I die, I need you to promise to watch over Klaire."

"Please don't say that, love," was all I could say. 

She sat up and looked at me in the eye.  "Harold, say you will take care of our daughter."

I had never seen her so scary or serious in all of my life.  "Course, dear.  Of course, I will take care of her, but I'm not going to give up on you just like that, you still have a long life ahead of you, love.  I love you both so much"

She rested her head again and slowly drifted into sleep, exhaling and inhaling gently in even breaths.


The next morning I woke to a baby's cry from inside our little house.  Maddison was still asleep and I carefully got up, avoiding to wake her.  I walked into Klaire's nursery and tended to her morning needs.  I walked on to my back deck, with Klaire in arms, and saw that Maddison was still sleeping.  She looked so calm in the grass. 

I walked over and gently kissed her forehead.  Nothing.  "Maddison love, it's time to wake up, you need to get treatment today."  Still nothing.  So many thoughts went through my head as to what could be wrong but the worst thought settled and buried deep into my skull.  I rested Klaire in the grass next to her mother and started to shake Maddison's shoulders, in panic.

When she didn't wake up, I had realized why she had made me promise to watch our baby.  She knew she wouldn't have long left.  I backed away from her body slowly and picked up Klaire.  I felt the tears coming and I didn't stop them.  I sobbed. 

I called Liam.  He answered on the third ring.  "Harry?"
"Liam, she's gone," I sobbed into the phone.

There was silence.  Neither he or I knew what to do.

"I guess me and the boys will be over shortly.  I'm sorry Hazza."

He hung up and I had no idea what to do.  Do I call the funeral home?  Do I let her friends say their final good byes?  I just had no idea.  What felt like hours later, I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.  It was my boo-bear. "Sorry Haz," he said staring at Maddison.  She looked so at ease.  It bugged me.

Eleanor followed and gasped at Maddison's stillness.  She ran into Louis's arms.  "Oh my God," she said.  I saw her shudder from her tears.  When Perrie and Zayn got there, they took Klaire out of my arms so I could call the funeral home.

I walked into our house and it no longer felt the same.  Something was missing and it wasn't just Maddison's sweet cooking coming from the kitchen.  I reached for the phone book and dialed the funeral home.  "Hello," the answerer said.  "This is Mark, how may I help you today?"  He said it so casually.

"Yes, Mark," I bit my lip.  I didn't want to start crying but, it was just going to happen.  "I need a pick up from my home.  My wife passed away in her sleep last night."

I continued to spout at him where we lived and what time they could come and all of that stuff.  When Mark finally hung up the phone, everyone was gathered in my little living room.  They were all hushed.  Liam was sitting by McKenna, his girlfriend, and Niall was by Jess, his girlfriend.  Perrie and Zayn still had Klaire. 

All I had to do was look into their eyes and I began to bawl.  Maybe I should have taken this differently, but I loved Maddison, I loved her so much.

Niall wrapped an arm around me as I sobbed on to his shoulder.  He patted my back to tell me everything was going to be fine, but, in all honesty, it wasn't.

I walked into the backyard at dusk and took Maddison's hand into my own and tried to squeeze the life back into her.  "Please come back," I whispered.  I waited for her to open her eyes and smile like she always did, but she didn't.  The center of my world was dead and I didn't know how I was supposed to handle it.  I had no one who actually understood what I was going through, I was all alone.

Mark showed up at our place with a van that had the funeral home logo on it and he took my love away.  He told me they were going to make her look nice and preserve her for her funeral, which I would need to schedule.

I scratched my head as he drove off with her and I began to cry once again.  That was the longest day of my entire life.

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