"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


29. Together

Arianas pov :

I dont know what to do. I mean if i have the surgery and they get the tumor out and find the bleeding what if i leave like just let go because i dont have anymore energy to fight cause i used it all?

"Oh my God! My poor baby." I cocked my head to the side only to see my mom,dad austins parents and some other people who I have no idea are.

"Mom I'm fine. They said I have to have surgery and I will be fine so there is nothing to be worried about." I told her sitting up

"Nothing to worry about? You might die open on the table and your telling me your fine and to not worry?!"

"It's only cancer and some bleeding mom the doctors here know what their doing." I replied calmy

"You act like nothing is gonna happen to you, they're going to open my little girl and you except me to not worry." She started crying as I sighed.

"Mom, I know you care about me and that I'm your little girl but I'm turning 18 pretty soon but I want to make it this decision it's my body and i choose to have the surgery, get rid of the bleeding and tumor and everything will be fine. Back to the way it was."

"nothing will back to normal baby." She walked out the room

"Am I the bad guy in all of this?" I asked looking at my dad.

"No! Of course not. Your mother just needs some time letting everything sink in, she'll be back don't worry." I sighed squeezing Austin's hand.

"Ms.Grey ready when you are." The doctor walked in. I took deep breaths trying to shake all the nervousness out of my system.

"Let's do this"

"Alright let's go."

I was taken to a room full of doctors and nurses and a lot of sharp objects"

"Okay so we're going to give you something that will make you fall asleep." He explained

"Um before we start can I um ask if Austin can be in here with me? I want my fiancé here with me holding my hand. He promised."

"Yeah sure let me get him." He came back after two minutes with Austin.

"I'm here love. I'll hold your hand through it all well get through this together."

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