"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


37. Revenge Gone Wrong


                                                                                Luis top pic 👆👆


 Austin's Pov:


 Tomorrow I start up school again since we went on that disaster vacation and we had some days left so I decided to enjoy those days. I tried everything in the book but I feel like I'm missing something--or someone to be specific. Ariana.


  I cant get her out of my mind and its kind of scary because I have never felt this way about any girl before! It's usually just a hit it and dump it situation with me. With Ariana there's just something about her that makes me want to know more about her then just her favorite color or her least favorite book. I want to know what her hobbies are and what she wants from life, yes we had a conversation like that before but I wasn't paying attention and now that she's not with me anymore I just..ugh! I have to clear my head.


 Ariana's Pov:


  "Are you sure this is going to work?" I asked a hint of worry in my voice. I mean what if it didn't work or they figure out it was fake or something.


 You're probably wondering what the fudge nuts I'm talking about so let me refresh your memory.




  "How about we get revenge of them?" Austin asked those ocean blue orbs burning into me and not in a bad way.




  "You'll see" he said just as my dad waltz in carrying a Taco Bell bag.




  "Yes im sure it has to and if it doesn't then it just shows that they never really cared for us." Luis and I have been planning a plan. So we call up our ex's and sound desperate telling them to meet us at the park on 153 Summer Avenue, now, they don't know that they're going to be seeing each other there but that's also part of the plan. Luis and I are going to pretend we are dating, we will walk past Austin and Megan laughing, talking, kissing-- lots of kissing. Once Austin and Megan see that we're perfectly fine without them they will come crawling back but we wont fall for it again.


  "So when do we do this?" I broke the silence


  "How about now if you're feeling up to it and your side isn't hurting."


  "No, lets do it now"  I called up Austin while Luis called Megan




  "Hi Austin!" I said in to the phone all preppy and with fake happiness that you couldn't even recognize it was me 


  "Who is this?" he asked 


  "It's me Ariana! I miss you" I pouted. It took everything in my body to not puke at my own voice.  


  "Are you okay?" he responded in like one of those 'is this bitch okay' kind of voices which pissed me off for some reason.


  "Yeah I just really wanna be in your arms right now and I need to tell you something important."


  "Okay... what is it?"


  "No I want to do it in person, can you meet me at the park on 153 Summer Avenue in an hour?"




  "Okay I'll see you there! Bye babe!"



  I hung up fake gaggin. Turning my attention to Luis who was laughing at my expression.


  "Com'n lets go." he told me slipping his hand im mine




  We made it to the park and saw Megan and Austin talking like they've known each other for years. They had their backs turned to us so they didn't see us coming.


  "So what's the plan now?" I asked Luis


  "We walk past them laughing not paying attention to them, you see that tree?" I nodded "We stop there and make-out"


  "Are you sure it's going to work?" Worry in my voice once again


  "You should really learn how to trust me more." he winked while a small smile broke it's way onto my lips.


  "Lets do this"


  We walked by Megan's side holding hands and I was laughing for no reason.


  "Ariana!" Austin yelled in our direction but I pretended not to hear as we made our way to the beautifully tall willow tree. I leaned my back against it and pulled Luis by his collar mashing my lips to his softly. His lips were really soft and I just lost myself in them. My hands slid up his chest and around to the back of his neck while his rested on my waist.


  "Luis!" Megan yelled but he didn't pay no attention


  He slid his tongue in my mouth and I didn't stop him either. My hands found their way into his hair and might I add it felt amazing! I tugged a little but not to hard earning a low moan from him. I felt his hands on my bum squeezing a little they slid further down to my thighs




  I did as told wrapping my legs round his waist. We made out for about a minute longer until I pulled away resting my forehead on his.


  "It's not--Ah" I fell on my ass and Luis was on the floor with Austin on top of him punching over and over non-stop.


  "Austin stop!" I pulled on his arm but he pushed me off of him causing me to fall once again on my ass. He stopped once he realized what he did to me.


  "Fuck Ari I'm so sorry!" he tried to apologize. I just ignored him and went to Luis's side helping him up.


  "Forget about it." I howled at Austin pissed. I supported Luis by putting his arm over my shoulder and my arm around his waist.


  I know one thing and that is to never try to get revenge on Austin. This was just a revenge gone wrong but I am not accepting his apology any time soon and I am so dreading school tomorrow.


she was wearing this (Bottom)


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