"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


31. Phone Call


Baby we were born with
Fire and gold in our eyes, eyes
With fire and gold in our eyes,
Got lightning in a bottle,
Hands on the throttle
Even in the dust we shine
With fire and gold in our eyes
-Bea Miller 


 Austin's Pov:


 Keta and I made it to Ariana's room, i looked through the glass window to see she was awake but her parents were nowhere in sight. I told Keta to stay here until i knocked on the door 3 times for her to come in so we can surprise Ariana and gladly she went along with the plan. I pushed the door open a little knocking first of course. Sliding through i closed the door softly walking over to her bed sitting on the edge. 


  "How you feeling?" I asked 


  "Sore.." she chuckled well, tried to. "My tummy hurts a lot and i have a headache now and again but-" she paused to take a breath clutching her left side of the stomach and continued "I think i'll be fine."  she shut her eyes biting her lip. 


  "I'm calling a nurse." I told her as soon as i stood my phone rang. Sighing i reached in my back pocket but it wasnt there, I looked around my t-shirt pocket, and my front pockets nothing. 


  "Who is this?" was all it took for me to do a turn on my heel to see Ariana and my phone on her ear. I shrugged and said fuck it. 


  "I'm going to call a nurse and when i get back i have a surprise for you." I walked out the room getting a nod from her in response. I wonder who that phone call was. Putting the thought aside i looked to my right to see Keta leaning on the wall with her left leg crossed over the other scrolling through her phone.


 "What happened to the plan?" she asked standing up straight. 


 "She was feeling pain so i told her i was gonna call a nurse to get her some pain killers or something." she nodded understanding. We walked side by side catching up on how we are and things like that when we made it to the front desk that was on that floor. 


 "Excuse me--" i tried to be as polite as possible but was cut off by her putting her palm up as to wait. She popped her gum which might i add was annoying as fuck, I didn't say anything about it though. She made us wait for atleast 4 minutes cause she was talking on the phone laughing to something the person she was talking to said. I was about to say something but Keta beat me to it. 


  "Hey! Can you stop talking on the damn to your boyfriend or whoever and actually do your job! Why get a job in a hospital if youre going to be sitting on your lazy--" I covered her mouth before she could continue and she gave me the look. 


 "I'm sorry for about her can we please get a nurse to room 174 and we will be out of your hair." I apologized while she rolled her eyes popping her gum again. Keta bit my hand and licked it even but i didnt take my hand off her mouth. The girl at the desk turned to us chewing her gum


   "There will be a nurse there in a couple minutes" She replied in an annoyed tone. I thanked her and we left when we were outside Ariana's door i took my hand off Keta's mouth.


   "Sorry about that" I announced referring to earlier.


   "Its fine but do that again and i will rip your balls out." She warned as i put a hand over my 'area'. We walked into the room to see Ariana having her head in her hands. 


   "Baby what's wrong?" I asked concerned taking a seat infront of her.


  "Let me see your hip!" 




  "Let me see your hip! Tell me its not true! Do you have a birth mark on your hip?! Austin please tell me she's not telling the truth and that this is all because she's trying to get to my head so she can break us up! Austin tell me you didnt CHEAT!" she finished with a sob then it clicked. 


   "Baby that was a mistake--" 


  "Oh my god" she sobbed harder than i have ever saw and all i wanted to do is hold her in my arms and tell her its going to be alright but i cant now because my stupid ass had to go and cheat. 


  "Get out." she whispered. I tried reaching for her arm but she pulled it away 


  "Get out and stay out of my life! Forget the wedding forget everything cause this" she pointed to me then her "Never happened. When i get out of the hospital im packing my bags and going home. Dont bother trying to talk to me. Delete me from your phone, and dont try to contact me because im done with you. I cant believe i thought you could change..I mean once a player always a player right?'' she chuckled sarcastically continuing 


  "Ariana i changed! Im not the same person i was before i met you, im not the guy that would go out with a girl than jump onto another one in the same day. Im not him anymore. You came into my life and you changed me i love you and only you that night was a mistake i was stressed and it just happened. Please- " i pleaded but she just looked at me with disgust. 


  "Get out" I tried to tell her again but she wouldnt. I sighed running a hand through my hair and walked over to the door, before i opened it i turned my head a little and said "I love you" and left hearing her cries. 





Ohmergud its finally up you guys! Im soooo sorry i didnt update for like months and i have no excuse cause im really lazy! THanks to my bestfriend for giving me all the ideas on this chapter shes the best love her to death. I hope yall enjoy and more is on the way. xxx Thanks for reading Andee XXX <3 

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