"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


36. Luis

Crazy how two people fall in love with each


Just to turn around and hurt one another

It's fucked up.- Jack and Jack



  Luis pov- (Thought i'd change it up a bit)


   I walked into the hospital my hands full due to the flowers I was holding. I wanted to apologize to that girl my elbow hit her stomach and I felt bad cause it was serious she had to go to the hospital. After asking the desk lady what room she was in I made my way to the elevator looking for room 520. When I got to the door I knocked lightly which was kind of hard since the flowers were covering my face. (the flowers are in a vase so its just this big vase full of flowers) The door swung open and I whispered 'boo' but loud enough for the person to hear me of course showing my face.


   "You're the guy with the blue orbs that helped me at the store!"  She pointed out as I let out a low chuckle.


   "The names Luis by the way" I say


   "Ariana." she held her hand out for me which I gladly shook but were interrupted by the clearing of a throat. 


   "Sorry uhm Luis my dad, dad Luis." her dad walked over to us as I held out my arm, her dad looked at it and shook it with a strong grip hurting my fingers but made sure not to show it much by biting my lip.


   "John."  he simply stated putting a protective hand around Ariana's shoulder. " What can we do for you young man?"


  "Uhm I-I" what the fuck why am i stuttering?! deep breathes Luis. I cleared my throat and answered confidently "I wanted to apologize for not watching where i was going bumping into Ariana which landed her in the hospital." My accent noticeable.


  "Well we dont want your apologizes-" but he was cut off by Ariana 


  "Dad! stop being so rude, he took the time out of his day to come visit and he even brought flowers...unlike some people." she mumbled the last part. John sighed


  "I'm sorry, i'm just looking out for my babygirl." he kissed her forehead turning to me "Thank you, for worrying about my daughter and bring her flowers but Ariana needs her rest-" Once again being cut off




  He put his hands up in surrender "Okay, okay im sorry."  I just stood there looking between the two and I guess Ariana noticed.


  "Dad, can you please get me something from McDonalds or Taco Bell please?" she asked. He hesitated glancing my way before nodding. John kissed her forehead once more before sending a glare in my direction making chills run down my spine.


  "I'll be back in an hour tops, try and funny business with my daughter, I will end you, and that's a promise." he whispered the last few lines in my ear and gave me a rough pat on the back walking out the room.


  "I'm sorry about him, he's just really over protective since my ex fiancé.." I coughed did I hear her right fiancé?!


  " Fiance?" I managed to get out once my coughing died down. Ariana sighed nodded.


  "It was an arranged marriage so I shouldn't even care, I obviously didn't mean anything to him." she half heartedly chuckled shaking her head.  "I just- thought he was different ya know." I nodded understanding her completely and then it was silent.


  "You know, I went through the same thing once.." I announced trying to break the ice




  "Yeah...her name was Megan. I mean we weren't engaged or anything but I had really strong feelings for her and one night I catch her sleeping next door with the kid I grew up with.(get it I used Shawn's lyrics from his song 'The Weight') I was so stupid I didn't even see it coming, it was like she had me under a spell."


  "I know the feeling. I wish people like them had a sign over their heads saying 'player, slut, or heartbreaker' to warn us not to get to close but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Sadly mine wanted Austin and yours wanted Megan.

They stole our hearts like stickers. They got us hooked like we were on drugs and we didn't even see it coming like a sucker punch when they broke our hearts." I honestly couldn't have said it better myself


  "How about we get revenge on them?" I asked her




  "You'll see." I answered as soon as her dad walked through the door.



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