"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


8. Get out

Ariana's Pov:

I groaned with all the yelling that was happening and the stupid lights are blinding my eyes. I tried to open my eyes or speak but nothing was working, it was like they were both glued shut. The screaming got louder and what I heard was killing me inside and not being able to say anything about it killed me more. It wasn't Austin's fault. It was Harry whom I thought was my best friend. All the screaming stopped for a minute or so when someone walked in the door. Is this called eavesdropping?  Oh wel;.


    "What are you doing here?" Austin spat at the person.

    "I heard Ariana was in the hospital and she's my best friend so of course I'm going to be here for her." My stomach dropped. Harry. The one who did this to me and then he tries to come here and act innocent and I cant do anything about it?!

     "Oh my god Harry what happened to your face honey?" My mom yelled/asked him.

    "Austin beat me up." This little fucker.

    "So you beat up my daughters best friend and then you do that to her?!"

     "You know this was a big mistake." I think it was Austin's dad.

     "This Marriage is off!" Wait what! No, no, no, no, no, no, no they cant do this! I tried again and again to open my eyes and when I finally did, I noticed that Austin was gone. I was all kinds of emotions right now. Sad, mad, angry, hurt. How could my parents do this to me?

    "Oh my baby you're alright!" my mother yell coming over hugging and kissing my face.

    "Don't worry munchkin the one who did this to you is gone." my father added. I shook my head giving them a semi glare.

I opened my mouth "It wasn't Austin! How could you guys do this to me? I understand you were trying to protect me all shit but you didn't even let him explain the whole damn story!" and yelled at them just as the door opened and closed


    "Honey what do you mean the whole story? He did this to you."

     "No! He didn't. He did." I pointed to Harry who was standing at the door

     "He and Austin were fighting and Austin beat his ass so he took out of pocketknife. He got Austin in the stomach but it was just a small cut, I decided I could get the knife out his hand if I did the moves dad taught me but he made me fall and stabbed me. He's the reason I'm in this hospital Austin was only trying to fucking help!"  I explained all that happened as my parents stayed quiet. I sighed loudly rubbing my forehead
   "Please can you all just leave?" I asked a bit quieter they both nodded and my daddy grabbed Harry by the collar leading him out the door. Why did this happen. I closed my eyes for two freaking seconds and the door is opened again.

   "For Christ's Sake!"



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