"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


33. Daughter- Father time part 2/ Blue orbs

Turns out that no one can replace me

I'm permanent you can't erase me

I'll have you remember me

One more kiss is all it takes

I'll leave you with the memory and the 


                                   -Shawn Mendes 



  Austin's Pov:


  I have now been with at least 8-9 girls this week and none of them made me forget about Ariana. Right now I was in a random bar I came across and just as I chugged down my what seemed like 5th shot (Sorry if i'm wrong I don't know anything about bars and yeah..continue) but was really my 3rd someone slid into the seat next to me. 


  "I'll have tequila please" she told them bartender who gave her a small nod pouring her a glass. She downed it as soon as the glass got in contact with her fingertips. 


  "Hey" i announced as she turned to look at me sending me a nod as in 'sup' 


  "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" I said using my cheesy pickup line that worked on all girls..except for her..Ariana. 


  "No, but i did scrape my knees when i crawled up from hell." she replied leaving me speechless and a smirk playing at her face. 




  "What cat got your tongue?" she said in a baby voice kind of way. Clearing my throat i stood up finishing my drink and asking her to dance which she gladly accepted. The last thing i remember is her grinding on me and her dragging me up the stairs of her complex apartment.. you guys know what happened next. 


 Ariana's Pov:


 Dad and i just walked around our 'secret' spot in the woods talking about random stuff. We had lunch which was a picnic and let me tell you it was full of jokes and laughs. 




  "Yeah dad" 


  "What'd Austin do to you?" he asked hesitantly as if i was going to blow up on him any second even though he was my dad.


  "He..'' i inhaled then exhaled continuing "he cheated on my with amber.. and they went..all the way" I whispered looking down at my jelly sandwich because i was allergic to peanuts. 


  "That son of a bi--" he started but was cut off my me


  "Dad please drop it. I could care less about him and what or who he does because we're not dating anymore!" I laughed to myself half halfheartedly but deep down knowing i did care about him and what or who he's doing. My dad sighed standing up pulling me up with him as he pulled me into one of those over protective warm and loving dad hugs which i gladly returned. 


  "How about this, we clean up here and than we can go shopping like old times." i smiled remembering and nodded cleaning my spot putting the extra food in the picnic basket and leaving some bread for the birds but that was just some crumbs. 


 After we left we drove off to Forever 21 cause my dad knows how much i LOVE that store. Exiting the car we walked in the store instantly smelling the smell of new clothes but the main thing that has caught my attention was the song playing and how i can relate to it.

  'Re-rewind Friday night, never forget it

How you let me go

No more lies I'll be fine I know where im headed 

Probably should've known

And now you're gonna say, "Pretty, please forgive me"

Fool me once, told you twice you're gonna regret it'

Now you're all alone yeah.. Shawn Mendes's song Aftertaste i just stood there until it finished listening closely to the lyrics. 


When it finished i started looking for my dad and when i found him we walked around for a bit until i found a outfit that was on a manikin. 



  "Dad i want this one!" I beamed like a kid on Christmas. The outfit was a black see through top with a black tank top under, the pants were gray and on the side it had NERD written on them, the shoes were a silver/grayish kind of  color with black laces. The accessories were a bunch of bracelets on the right hand of the manikin, the big nerd glasses which i have at home so i wouldn't need to buy those, and a red beanie to top it off. This outfit was like amazing! not trying to over exaggerate or anything.  


 Going to the place where you check out your items my dad asked if they had the outfit other than the one on the manikin but i got a call which i answered not looking at the caller id. Turning my back to my dad and the other person i didn't see i asked 




  "I don't know why you ever liked that goody two shoes i mean i can do it better than her cause i bet she's never done this to you-" was all i heard before a deep moan coming from the background. What the fuck?! I thought finally looking at the phone number for it to be the one and only Austin Gonzalez. 


  "Hello?" I crocked out trying to hold back my tears as my throat went dry. I mean i should care about it cause he does this every day but this is the firs time he's ever called me while doing it. I hung up  and put the phone in my back pocket. As i turned around i hit something hard on the side of my stomach  that i had surgery on 3 days ago. That's what i get for not watching where i was going. It stopped hurting but it would sometimes hurt on occasions but right now pain was just shooting through out my whole body. 


  I tried to stand straight but it just made it worse. I started coughing really badly and was about to fall when a pair of arms caught me. I know what you're probably thinking 'This always happens in stories' but right now i didn't care for who the person was i was just in so much pain.


  Looking up at the person i noticed it was a guy holding me and that's when i passed out but i know i will not forget the color of those  blue orbs that held a look of concern. 



~~~~But i did not know this was just the beginning of those blue orbs. 











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