"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


30. Childhood friends

Austins Pov:


It was about over two hours when they started on Ariana's surgery and they are still doing stuff. It's hard watching them open her up, it just makes me wanna cry but I know I have to stay strong, for Ariana. Tightening my grip on her loose hand I kissed it.


 ~2 and a half hours later~ (Narrator from SpongeBob)


 They finished and said they got all the tumor and that they found the source of the bleeding which they stopped. They are now just giving her stiches and bringing her to her room. I was walking to Ariana's room after using the bathroom when someone jumped on be from behind causing us both to fall me falling straight on my knee.


 "Fuck!" I cursed under my breath trying to get up but failing.


 "Ohmergawd Austin I am so sorry!'' I know that  voice anywhere.


 "Keta Ford?"


 "The one and only" she answered smiling widely. I tried getting up to hug her but failed holding onto my ankle.


 "You okay?" she asked as nodded, trying to suck up the pain and act like a man I stood up without falling this time. I gave her a tight hug. It's been so long since I've seen her but its really good to see her again. We pulled away after like a minute.


 "So what brings you here? I mean i'm happy that youre here and all."


 "I'm here for Ariana, she called me telling me earlier before she went into surgery. Talking about surgery how did it go?" She questioned


 "She really did a great job. I'm really  proud of her." I didn't even notice I was smiling really big until Keta told me.


 "Lets go check on Ariana yeah?" she announced jumping. Chuckling I lead the wway to her room limping but not wanting to make it visible.


Guys i'm srry it is really really short. I'm sick :( and my mummy wants me to go to sleep bcause I have a 'really high fever' in her words and I've been vomiting ugh. anyways im srry its shitty i'll try to update some other time. Love you all <3 and a big shout out to @KetaKat16 she is Keta so go follow her shes like AMAZINGBALLS SO Go! Now!! <3333 Andee Xxx 

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