"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


22. Cabin in the woods

Every night she'd

Cry herself to sleep

Thinking why

does this happen

to me? 


 Austin's Pov:

 I tried chasing after Ariana but Katarina wouldn't let me go. My parents were standing behind us and Ariana's parents already left her mom trying to calm down her husband.    


   "Kat listen, I'm going to say this the nicest way possible I don't like you and I never will okay?" I told her    


   "But I could give you so much more than the skank can." she replied running her hands down my chest but I grabbed them.    


   "Stop! I don't want anything to do with you" pushing her hands away telling her word for word like she was in grade school.     


   "Whatever, I didn't want you anyways." I sighed loudly as she walked away.    


    "You really like Ariana don't you?" my mom asked walking over to me holding my dad's hand. I nodded running a hand through my hair messing it up.    


   "I'm- We're sorry." I looked at my father as he put a hand on my face like to keep me looking in his eyes.    


   "I know you are...don't worry about it." taking his palm off my face walking in the direction Ariana went. I saw a park come into view and started running towards it but seeing no one. I looked around stopping at a couple kissing under a tree. Walking over to them I noticed it's not Ariana.     


    "Excuse me.." I said to them as they pulled apart turning to me    


   "Can we help you?" the guy asked harshly, I wasn't in any mood for someone to smart mouth me.    


   "Look you can go back to locking lips with whoever this is but just answer my damn question. Did you see a girl here?"     


   "No." he said bluntly    


   "I have.." the girl answered continuing "Yay tall, blondish black hair, golden sparkly shoes-" I cut her off    


   "Yes! That's her where is she?" I frantically asked    


  "The last time I saw her, she was walking towards the woods that way." She pointed to a lot trees with not much leaves on them. Following her finger I was now walking into the woods to see nothing but tall trees surrounding me.     "ARIANA!" I yelled. No answer. I yelled and yelled, pulled on my hair and screamed when there was no answer for all the times I said her name.  


Arianas's Pov:  


I heard my name being called but I couldn't answer cause someone's nasty leather glove that was by the way getting wet, uncomfortable, and did I mention nasty was over my mouth. My eyes however were were not blocked or anything so I could see were we are going. My feet were getting tired, I have to pee very badly may I add, and the damn leather on my mouth isn't helping one fucking bit.    


   "Don't worry sweet cheeks we're almost there." The voice whispered into my ear. It sounded like a mans voice but It also sounded how should I put this, muffled, as if they were using like a voice changer thingy. I'm not making any sense right now am I? I rolled my eyes. We walked about 10 more steps before we were standing in front of a small cabin. Why the hell would he/she bring me to a cabin in the woods when he/she could take me anywhere else?! Because stupid, he knows people wont come looking for you in the woods. A voice in my head replied. You know sometimes I feel like that voice just wants to make me feel bad. The mystery person unlocked the door but holding my arm, at least he/she took his/hers nasty glove off my mouth. I spit on the floor which made me want to hurl cause normally I hate spitting. The person pushed me inside and up the stairs.    


   "Your new room is right here and don't try to escape or there will be consequences" and with that I was pushed into the room as the door closed so I couldn't see the persons face. Laying down on the bed a tear escaped then another and another until I was fully crying. Somewhere between my crying I fell asleep surprisingly. At times like these I wish I would've just stayed at the restaurant, when am I going to learn?



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