"Mom, Dad you know I don't like her! Why make me marry someone I don't like or love?!" He yelled at his parents "Well you're going to marry her and get to know her and that is final!"
Hi my name is Ari and I shut everyone out. But this is the story about how I found out I had to marry my crush...


34. Authors Note (Please Read)




  Okay. So I just wanted to start off by saying when i first started writing this story i didn't think i would be getting so many reads to be honest so thank you to all of the wonderful people who read, commented, liked, and faved this story. I literally started screaming when I saw how many people were reading, liking, and commenting, my mom looked at me like I was crazy and told me to shut the beep up ahaha. Anyways i'm making this authors note to tell you guys that I have come to a decision that the story will come to an end after 6 more chapters. Don't worry I will make it a interesting ending but in the mean time I just wanted to inform you.


  I know I didn't update everyday but I try to update every once in a while and sometimes i wouldn't update for a month+ and i'm sorry for that guys im just busy and sometimes i'm just really really lazy.


  Uhm so yuh, 6 more chapters than its the end of Happily. 

thanks you for reading this far into the story it really means a lot to me.



 My legs are so sore from running at the 5k thingy at my school ugh they feel like jelly i am really not cut out for running. Anyways lots of love and staii beautiful guys. Andee Xxxx <3

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