what the hell

elle-mai brough is not normal teenage girl but one day she meets 5 boys that change her life forever


1. who am i

Hi im Elle-mai brough and im 24 years old I was born on 11/10/88. I ran away from home to start new and I changed my name from Ellie to Elle and biresack to brough. Until one day in LA I meet 5 five boys in a rock band.


Chapter one: the meeting  

                  Elle pov

It was a hot day in LA so I decided to go to the beach near to my house. I went into the shower, when I got out I dried and straighten my hair and put on my batman T.shirt, my black skinny jeans and my black vans. I went down stairs grab my wallet, my phone and my Skateboard my skateboard and went out the door. I started to Skateboard down to the beach. When I bumped into someone. I take off my headphones and look up to see  it was Ashley Purdy from black veil brides

"sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" I said. "its ok sweet heart" he said back and wink. I felt my self blush.


Ashley pov

Some girl bump into me. she look up she was so hot. she apologize and I said it was aright she blushed omg she is so cute. "Do you want to come around my house" I ask "s-sure" she stuttered. she is flawless

hope you guys like it Elle out  


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