what the hell

elle-mai brough is not normal teenage girl but one day she meets 5 boys that change her life forever


3. The talk

Ellie POV 

 " no I haven't and you know why cos your one of the reasons I ran away and changed my name,my hair and my whole life Andrew Dennise biresack" i argued back. They all look at me shocked (what was there problem) And Andy stood up and pulled me into the hallway. "Ellie why did you change your name" he look at me on the verged of tears I look down at him and spoke to calm him down " cos I wanted a new start and I can't do that when your famous" Andy  look up at me " and be honest with me why did you run away"  I can't lie to him " well I was 2 and mum and dad was paying alot of there attention to you so  I got pushed away so I made a promise to myself when Im older enough to move out but I forgot about it until my 18th birthday so I back my bags applied for a job as a record producer they said yes so I bought a house and changed my name" I answered him. We looked at each other and walk back to the living room. 

Andy pov

we had a long talk and we both went back to the guys. " guys I have got something to say Elle or Ellie is my sister" i explained "older or younger" cc ask, I  replied "older". CC and Ashley highfived each other. I glared at them and flashed my eyes. "how many years older" Ashley ask " I was born 1990 and she was born in 1988 you do the math " I said sassily.  Jinxx sat and said "that explain the hight", Everyone started laughing. 

Ashley pov 

"so Ellie do you want to stay the night tonight" I ask her "I would but Haven't got any clothes for tomorrow or my pj" she replied, I looked at CC and he nodded "Ellie we take you to go and get your stuff" CC offered "ok then it look like I'm sleeping then" Ellie replied "Well it is almost 5 so we can go and get your stuff and get something out" I said. Everyone nodded in agreement and we got into CC car cos it was big enough for all 6 of us. We got to Ellie house. she opened the door and dropped her skateboard by the door and walk up stairs. So we went to the room that look like the living room so we sat down on the chairs .

Ellie pov

I walked in my bedroom and I grab a pair of black skinny jeans, a sleeping with sirens top, Two leather bracelets , a leather jacket , a pair of batman pj pants and a black vest top. I put these in my bag along with my hair straighter, dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, hair spray,black lipstick and black eyeliner. I walk downstairs and the boys are watching the t.v so I went to the garage and turn the power of and i crept into the living room and screamed the all screamed and i started laughing and turned on my torch "fucking babies" i said between laughs.

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