what the hell

elle-mai brough is not normal teenage girl but one day she meets 5 boys that change her life forever


2. At Ashley house

Elle pov:

We walk back to his motorbike, Ashley got on first and gesture me to come on. I climbed on "have you been on a motorbike before" Ash ask "yes I have got one" I replied. We drove to his house it was massive, Outside  of his house there was 4 cars but one of them caught my eye BIRE written on the cars numberplate. I thought to my self I cant do this I cant meet him again.

Ashley pov:

I looked over at Elle, She was looking at Andy numberplate with a worried face.Any way me and Elle both went inside our house. She look nervous so I held her closer. We walk into the living room and Andy face lit up when he saw Elle. Maybe there something between them. 

Andy pov:

Ashley and this girl walk in. Then I noticed my sister Ellie-may Biresack was with him. I my face lit up because I thought I lost for good but Ashley found her. I look over at Ashley he had his arm around her and he was considering something. But then CC and Jake came running in and  both stooped in there tracks and look at Ellie. "where is jinxx" Jake ask, "HERE" Jinxx said running in and shouting And stooped like CC and Jake did. "Everyone I would like you to meet Elle-mai Brough" Ashley Spoke. Wait she changed her name. "hi im CC" CC greeted "im Jake" Jake said "im Jeremy but i prefer to be called jinxx" jinxx said and "im Andy in case if you forgot" I snapped " no I haven't and you know why cos your one of the reasons iran away and changed my name,my hair and my whole life Andrew Dennise biresack" Ellie argued back 


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