Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


3. tour with 5sos and Vision 13

*beep beep *

I reacted over to my alarm clock and shut it off

Today was the day Vision 13 went on tour with 5sos and I couldn't be happier

Not only was I going on tour with my band and living my dream but I was also going to be living with my big brother , I hadn't known I had a brother for long but even thought me and Mikey just met it felt like we knew each other forever

We both dye our hair so we dyed it the same color which was blue and black Galaxy , Mikey said before we dyed it that I had moms beautiful ginger red hair and it would be a shame to cover it up , but I said that I wanted to do something with my big brother , that made him smile and he engulfed me in a hug

"KACEY COME ON GET UP WE NEED TO PACK UP THE BUS !" Calum yelled from downstairs "ugggh!" I yelled back

I got up and put in the clothes I left out while packing so I could wear them today

I put on black high waisted skinny jeans , then I put on a cutoff muscle blink 182 top with a royal blue baundue and my black vans

I then went into the bathroom and brushed my hair putting my new galaxy dyed hair into a messy fishtail braid and throwing my 5sos beanie over it and then I put on my foundation , Baluch , and mascara and eyeliner before grabbing my black need glasses because with out them I can't see shit

I then grabbed my two suitcases , laptop back pack , and my phone and headed down stairs

When I got to the living room , ash and luke took my bags and the other bags outside and were helping the crew pack up the bus

"Good morning kacey , I got U starbucks !" Mikey said hugging me giving me my coffee

"BEST BROTHER EVER !!" I said bear hugging Mikey and kissing his cheek and messing up his hair

" hey don't mess with the hair !" Michael said slapping my hand away

"Alright everybody the bus is packed , let's get this show on the road " calum yelled

I walked on the bus and said GOODMORNING to Jazon , Allison , genie but Jessie was asleep on Jason's shoulder because she hates getting up early on a Saturday

"I call top bunk !" I yelled running past everybody hopping into my bunk "damn it I wanted that bunk !" Cal pouted

"Too bad !" I said smiling "I guess we will have to share " cal said hopping in next to me and started to tickle me " calum Thomas hood stop it!" I yelled as he tickled me more

"CALUM WHY R U IN MY SISTERS BUNK !" Mikey yelled , he looked really pissed off

"It's fine Mikey , it was a joke , we r only friends " I said to my brother , he still looked mad

"I'm going to go play Fifa with the guys " cal said hopping out of my bunk and going towards the back to the game/lounge

"U can't date any of the guys got it kacey " Michael said to me serious

"I know , I know , plus cal doesn't even like me that way Mikey , and I don't like him that way either " I said hugging mike before walking back to watch the guys play Fifa

*calums pov (didn't see that coming )

"I know I know , plus cal doesn't like me that way and I don't like him that way either " kacey said , my heart sank

Ever since the first time I laid my eyes on her I liked her , she was sweet , funny , talented , and gorgeous ! She always put others before her and protected her loved ones and friends , she was perfect , even though she couldn't see it , I liked her a lot

I know it's wrong , she's Mikey's sister , my best friends sister , and little sister at that

Idk why but she makes me want to smile , with the way her gray blue eyes sparkle , her freckles the way they dance when she laughs ......... For the most part U can only tell her and Mikey R related because of their hair , eyes , and both of them R pale as a ghost all the time , she is short , but a cute short where she is tall but short compared to most , whereas Mikey is a giant like the rest of us , and she has freckles and mike doesn't he just has tattoos

STOP IT CALUM , I said to myself , U can't be with her it's for the best .......

"Who wants to come on a trip with me to get three tattoos ?" Kacey asked

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