Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


1. tonight is going to be epic

Today was it

The day my band ,Vision 13

Got to see the band who inspired us most

5 seconds of summer

Ok maybe I should introduce myself first

I'm kacey-may jones


I'm 16 years old and live in Boston mass

I'm in all my schools choirs , drama club , and art club , I'm also in btt Boston teen theater

Along with my band

In my band I have four good friends

Jessie , our lead singer and my BFF since 2 grade

Allison who at first I wasn't close with and didn't like but once we found out how much we r alike U can't keep us apart , she is my back up guitar

Genie Who is a drum goddess ! We all met her when she moved here in 7 grade and became instant friends , she also is in all my clubs with me so we r close

And lastly the only guy in the band , but he has a girlfriend and is like a big brother to all of us , Jazon , he plays bass and vocals with Jessie

So anyways tonight we r driving to the stadium to see one of our fav bands , well Jazon only says he likes their song good girls , but I have caught him rocking out to she looks so perfect, but anyways I am really excited especailly since we won floor seats in a radio contest

Tonight was going to be epic !

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