Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


4. tattoos , friends ,and forever urs

I was bored and wanted got start tour off with a bang so went to get the tattoos I have been siting to get for months but never got around to it

Accompanying me to the tattoo shop was Allison Jesse Jaysan Mikey and cal

Mikey said he want to get a similar tattoo with me that said Mikey and kacey thru the worst in an infinity sign

I got a V13 tour of 2014 one behind my ear

Then I got the infinity one with Mikey and had someone take a pic of us holding hands as we got it because we were both big baby's when it comes to pain

I also hot one that looked like my highschool ring around my ankle

And lastly one that said music friends and family keep me going on my wrist

After we were all done we went and got pizza and txted ash , luke , genie that we were getting dinner and they txted us back saying we ruined their Fifa game and genie won against ash

We all laughed

When we got back we ate dinner and started to watch mean girls when ash and Mikey came up with a drinking game of never have I ever

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