Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


5. never have I ever the drinking game

Mikey and ash brought out the beer and we all sat in a circle

"Ok , never have I ever kissed a girl " Mikey said and all the guys took a shot and so did Jessie

"JESSIE ?!" We all laughed

"What I was drunk at a party and it was a dare " she said

"Ok never have I ever had sex "everyone but me and calum took a shot

"Really ? Wow kacey I guess U aren't as badass as I thought " ash said

"All I know is I'm happy my sister isn't a slut " Mikey said giggling taking a sip of his beer

"Ok can we drop this and get back to the game please " I said laughing

After an hour of the game and everyone is pretty drunk *

"Ok never have I ever wanted to be with someone I can't " Allison slurred

Me , cal , luke and Jazon took a shot

"Ok now let's play truth or dare this is getting boring " Jazon said

"Ok , calum , do u have a crush on anybody in this room ?" Ash asked

"U didn't ask truth or dare?!?!!" Cal protested turning red

"Ok truth or dare ?" Ash asked

"Dare " cal stated

"I dare u to anwser that question " ash said smiling

"Yes " calum said

"WHO IS IT !!!" Ash asked and everyone including me starred at him waiting for an anwser

"I don't have to or want to say " cal snapped

"Come on , how about u just tell me and I I can't tell one person but they can't say anything deal " ash said

"Fine " cal got up and whispered it to ash who now looked like a kid on Christmas , who then told Mikey who also got the same look

"my turns over , Mikey truth or dare ?" Cal said

"Dare " Mikey said

"I dare u to go outside and tell everyone that U love dicks , if u pass its a truth " cal said

"Pass " mike said

"Ok , who is UR favorite MLP?" Cal asked

"RAINBOW DASH!!!" Mikey yelled

"ok next , I pick , kacey " Mikey said to me

"I pick dare " I said

"I dare u to kiss the person to UR left " Mikey said

I looked over and saw calum

"Ok " I said then I full on kissed calum on the lips and man was it great , it was fireworks and her tasted like vanilla and when we separated he looked a little surprised and so did everybody I was also a little because I had never thought of cal like that

But I guess I was the person he liked if Mikey had me kiss him , idk why but I think cal would be a great boyfriend

"Ok next I choose Jessie , truth or dare?"

"Truth " she said

"Who really broke my amp four months ago at practice ?" I asked

"Jazon " she spit out taking a huge sip of her beer

"I KNEW IT WAS U " I said

"Thx Jessie " he replied

After the game was done *

Cal pov

Kacey got dared to kiss me

And did , and man was it great , her lips were so soft and tasted like strawberries

After she broke away she had a big smile I her face and I just sat there quietly the rest of the game til everyone got tired and decided to go to bed

"Hey kacey , can I talk to u really quick " I said I knew I just had to tell her how I felt after that kiss

"Yeah what's up cal ?" She asked damn she looked great

"About the whole me liking someone , it's u..........and I was trying to push the feeling away because of Mikey but I guess after he had U kiss me means that he is fine with it, but after that kiss I can't not tell u this , I like U a lot kacey , U make me smile , be happy , ur perfect in ever sense of the word , and I was wondering if u would got out with me ?" I finished

She starred into my eyes for a minute then kissed me hard and passionately , when we pulled apart we were both out of breath

"I'm guessing that's a yes ?" I said smiling

"Yes calum Thomas hood I will go out with U " she smiling and kissing me and I picked her up and spun her around

I can't believe it

Kacey-may clifford is my girlfriend ☺️

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