Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


2. meeting my big brother

Jazon was driving all of us to the concert because he was the only one with a car

His girlfriend couldn't make it because she lives 3 hours away in spring feild and had a band completion for schools marching band

In the front of the car or should I say band box as we call it , it was a puke green or as Jazon calls it , zombie green , Kia Soul

In the front was Jazon driving , genie in passenger

In back was me , Allison , and Jessie

When we got to the concert we went and got our bracelets then got some MERCH which was t shirts and braclets

We had floor seats and I was super pumped

"R U GUYS READY TO ROCK !" Ash came out screaming and we all screamed back

*after concert

The show was epic! But the only thing that bothered me was the fact that Mikey kept looking at me , every time I looked back he would look away , I decided to shake it off

Me and the group were heading back to our car when sercurity stopped us

"R u kacey- may ?" He asked me

"Yes , why" I said confused

"Come with me U r need by Michael " he said leading us backstage

"What do u mean michael needs me ?" I said

"Don't know he just told me to find u " he said when we got to the dressing room for 5sos

"Michael I found her " he said leading us in then leaving closing the door

Michael looked at me and ran up and bear hugged me

"Ok can someone please tell me what's going on. ?"I said accepting the hug anyways

"U look just like mom , God I have I missed u " Michael said smiling at me

"What do u mean I look just like mom, I have never met U til this day ?!?!" I said

"I think we should give them some privacy , h about U guys come with us to meet the crew back stage " luke said leading everyone out

" kacey I think u should sit down " mike said sitting down on the couch and I followed

"What's going on Michael ?" I said kind of angry

"Ok , kacey , I'm UR older brother "mike said

"What do u mean ?" I said

"When u were born , mom passed in the delivery room , then dad left and U and I had to go to relatives , I went with aunt Karen and U went with uncle Steve , I just haven't seen u in years and when I saw u in the audience I just had to tell u and hug u and have my little sister back " Mikey hugged me and I cried into his shirt

My dad who I had called dad my whole life was my uncle , my mom was dead , my so called "dad" left me , and my brother is Michael Gordon Clifford ? My last name is clifford not jones ? My life felt upside down but right at the same time

"So what happens now ?" I asked

"Well , I called uncle Steve and told him about what I was going to do tonight and he said its UR choice , do u want to stay with him or come on tour with me and live with me after ?" Michael said to me

"I would love to come on tour and live with U michael UR my big brother , but I also have a lot that I'm not sure I want to leave behind , I mean , I have a band too , I have friends and people here I don't want to leave too , mostly it's my band and my friends , I love them and they r like family to me " I said to Mikey

"True .......WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA !" Mikey said running out of the room towards the guys " MICHEAL GORDAN CLIFFORD GET UR ASS BACK HERE AND TELL !" I screed running after him but with his longs legs I couldn't

"Guys, U know how we have been looking for an opening act ?" Michael told the guys " yeah , why who do u have in mind ?" Ash asked

"VISION 13 , kacey and the gang have a band and if they come on tour with us , the get the word out about their band and I get to have my sister back " Michael said hugging me and picking me up

"WAIT U GIYS R BROTHER AND SISTER ?!?! " the gang siad together

"I'll explain later , but Mikey that's to much to ask for " I said

"Nothing is to much for my sister , what do u guys think?" Mikey said

"Well how about u guys show us what u got ?" Ash said

"Sure lets get tuned up guys !" Jessie said

*after performing for the guys

"Well that was awesome and it's a yes for us , now we will go talk to management " ash said running away with calum

"U guys were awesome , I think u guys r coming with us "Michael said sitting down next to me

"I hope so , it would be great for the band and I would get to hangout with my big brother " I said hugging Mikey

"Ok ash just showed me the video of U guys performing just now and it gives us an opening act and Michael his sister , in fine with it U guys r coming on tour !" Manger said to us

"LES GO OUT AND CELEBRATE , then after we will drop U guys off and U can pack , we leave in three days !" Cal said

This is perfect , I have my band , my brother , and I'm living my dream ! I can't wait to start tour

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