Meeting my big brother

Kacey may is a normal punk rock , arts geek girl who soon finds out she is related to the Michael Clifford and she and her band go on tour with 5sos and see how her and Mikey get along to live together and maybe she will date one of the guys along the way


6. crazy 4 U

Kacey pov

It's been a month since me and calum started dating and man has it been great

He is the best boyfriend ever , he kisses me goodnight , takes me on dates , makes sure I'm ok , especially with fan hate but I'm fine with it , and he makes sure guys know I'm his like he puts his big muscular arm around me or hold my hand or when we do interveiws he will sometimes cuddle me or hold my hand which ever is more comfortable for me

When we went to tell Mikey thou I was a bit nervous to see how he would react but he was good

He asked me if cal made me happy and I said yes so then he looked at calum and said if he hurt me that even with them being friends he would beat the shit out of him , which cal understood and then Mikey gave us a group hug and congrats us

*next day

I woke early as usual , today we were performing on the today show

I got up and dressed in deep red skinnies , a black shirt that said I'm all about that bass and CALUMS flannel , I loved it , it was big and comfy and smelled like him ☺️

After that I grabbed my makeup and glasses and headed to the bathroom of the hotel and did my makeup which was a bit more than usual

Fountain , powered , eyeliner all around my blue eyes to make them pop , then a little mascara and nude pink lip stick

When I was done with that I brushed my glaxay hair and made did a messy fishtsil and threw a black snap back over it

I then went to the guys room to see if cal or one of the guys were awake and wanted to help me wake the rest up

I knocked on the door and calum opened it shirtless

"So that's where my flannel went " he said kissing me

"Yup I stole it " I said with a smirk

"Well U do look really hot in it " he said kissing me on the forehead


"Hey why don't I put on a shirt and grab my phone then we can walk and get some start backs for my baby " he said poking my nose

"That's sounds perfect , I need to feed my inner white girl " I laughed at my joke and cal run and got a shirt then we headed out

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