Does forever exist?

Well... That was a surprise...

Maybe next time we should use a condom hmm?


2. 2

"So when is Harry coming home?" El asked "not until June.." I sighed sadly "oh don't be sad!!" She said "it's already February! He will be back in 4 months." She said "that is very extremely true!" I smiled "it's almost valentines day.." El said "do t bring it up... I'm already sad that I can't spend it with Harry.." I mumbled

"How much do you guys talk?" She asked "almost everyday.. It's hard because if the time difference." I said "but he will text me every single day... Or night and we will talk on the phone and sometimes FaceTime.." I said "that's good.." She said "do you want to go out with me on valentines?" She asked "sure." I shrugged "wait.. That's tomorrow." I said "it is.." She nodded "I'll pick you up at 11 tomorrow morning." She said getting up "be ready." She said leaving

I rolled my eyes and cleaned up our dinner and folded all out blankets and washed the dishes.

I dusted the front room and vacuumed. Then I went to the art room that was next to he kitchen. I put away my canvas and paint brushes. Then I sat down at the piano and started to play.

When I got bored I blasted some music and went and cleaned Harry's room. I made his bed and washed the clothes I wore. Then I folded his laundry and put it away. Then I went to my room and cleaned there too. I had to make my bed, put my make up away, wash my laundry then I cleaned my bathroom.

Soon the house was clean and I fell back onto my bed looked over to the clock... Already 2 in the morning... I sighed and walked back downstairs to turn off my music. Then I just fell back onto my couch and passed out.

The next morning I woke up at 7:30 and then I quickly showered and dressed in black leather skinny jeans and Harry's Rolling Stones t shirt. The. I pulled on my black combat boots. I straightened my hair and put on foundation and mascara. I made my moms tea and sipped it until I heard banging at the door "it's el let's go!" El screamed I groaned and opened the door "let's go!!" She squealed we walked out to her car and she blind folded me and we drove for a long time until she parked

She kept me blindfolded as she led me somewhere unknown then she stopped me all the sudden "you ready?" She asked "yes." I mumbled she undid my blindfold and I looked forward to see Harry standing about 60 ft away.

"Harry!!" I screamed and ran towards him he held out his arms and I jumped into them. My arms wrapped around his neck while his went around my waist. He started to spin me around and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slowed to a stop. He stood there "oh my god! I missed you so much!" I said he set me down and buried his head into my neck

"Baby.." He mumbled and stood up and started kissing my face. He held me so tight "baby girl... I missed you soo much." He said and then finally he pressed his lips onto mine.

I wrapped my fingers in his curls and pulled him as close as possible. "Excuse me.." El mumbled I giggled and looked into Harry's eyes "your hair is so long." I noticed "I haven't had time to cut it." He shrugged "I like it." I said as I played with it "it grew so much." I said looking at how it was down to his shoulders.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and picked up his bag. El went and got the car and we followed her and we put his stuff in the trunk. Then we sat in the back. He held me while I laid on his shoulder with my arms wrapped around his waist. "I love you.." He mumbled into my hair "I love you too." I smiled

*sex scene!!!!!!!*

When we got home harry threw his bags on the floor and slammed me up against the wall and attacked me with his lips. "I missed you so fucking much." He growled as he wrapped my legs around his torso. He took me up to the bedroom and dropped me onto the bed. He kissed me and ripped all my clothes off. When all my clothes were off I flipped him over so I was straddling him.

I yanked his shirt off and kissed his neck. I started to suck and then I bit down gently and pulled away blowing on the hickey I left on him. He groaned as I grinded in him while kissing down his chest "oh my god London..." He mumbled

I went for his pants unzipping them and pulling them down. He flipped us back over and he slowly unhooked my bra kissing gently around my breast and sucking my nipple I let a small groan of pleasure. Then Harry kissed down my stomach and pulled my underwear down throwing it across the room.

He kissed the old scars on my leg "beautiful." He mumbled as he kissed around to my inner thigh. He then licked up my leg and into my center. He kissed my folds before digging in. He softly nibbled my sensitive bud while licking and kissing, then blowing.

I had chills running up and down my spine when he finally stuck his tongue into my core. Then he removed his tongue and used his fingers.

He put one in and started pumping. Soon he added another curling his fingers perfectly so my back lifted off the bed and you could probably hear my moaning from down the hall. Soon my legs were shaking and I was trembling. "Ha-Harry-" I moaned but then he stopped

I groaned as he came back up giving me a cheesy grin "why'd you stop?" I pouted sadly "because, I'm not ready for you to release." He said he then pulled his underwear off and threw those across the room. He kissed down my neck nibbling, sucking, blowing... "Oh my gosh.." I mumbled pulling him down to my lips.

My fingers wrapped around his very long hair whole I wrapped my legs around his torso pulling him to me. He deepened the kiss sticking his tongue into my mouth he nibbled my lip before pulling away "ready?" He asked I nodded as he slowly entered me. He leaned down kissing me again as he started to pump.

He went slow so I could adjust, and the minute I was adjusted to him he went faster. He kept telling me how gorgeous I was and how he was glad I was his. "Mmm." He groaned as he released "oh, my, go-" I was cut off by my whole body shaking before I fell limp into the bed with Harry ontop of me

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